Dive into the Mysteries of Your Heart  

Dive into the Mysteries of Your Heart  

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Heart mysteries

Discover the mysteries of your heart.


Why it is important to explore the mystical nature of your heart


Poems have been scribed about the heart, songs have been written about its powerful nature. Mystics have been recorded across the ages with messages to penetrate the very essence of who we are. The mystery surrounding this vital organ dates back to creative energy.

With debates raging in both science and philosophy about what the contents of this creative energy might be, one thing is certain; the mystery surrounding the heart could be the key to living a blissful life.

But with a human instinctive nature to dismiss everything unseen as fiction, do you have a chance to explore the heart?  Apart from its biological function, do you really understand your heart? Why is there a barrier to this life changing exploration?


Is your heart a commodity?

With valentine’s day eminent, shops are littered with red roses, some of which are shaped in hearts. In this way, the heart has  not only become a commodity but also a symbol of love. With whole industries built on this symbol of love, one wonders if we have taken symbols for the reality.

Though many may argue the harmless nature of these projections, society has become just that; a reflection of your projections. If you think love is a commodity, there is nothing wrong with treating the ones you love as commodities. This is the current state of affairs of the heart; almost a thing!

While the mystery of the heart is haggled to the highest bidders in the market place, you keep wondering why you are plagued with misery. The heart is more than a trigger to your biological urge. It is also a silent portal to a place you can come to union with creative energy.


Play all out, find your heart!

But while you are using it as a toy to fulfil your temporal sexual urges and live out your un-lived youth, it will lay dormant. Don’t get me wrong, the toying experience is crucial to your growth too.

Otherwise, how are you supposed to understand the real thing without playing with toys first? It is not the toys that are the problem, it is the stunted growth that keeps you needing toys that is the issue.

Play all out and spit the dummy out when you are done for higher things. The Heart is the golden gate to the unknown, that is why all sages, mystics and awakened ones speak of it.


`Have a heart.’ Is usually a call to your compassionate nature. But what if you answered that call by taking a permanent seat in your heart? I challenge you to try it today, answer the call to your heart!


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