Drop your mind, Drop your misery

Drop your mind, Drop your misery

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Drop the mind

Get rid of your mind

How your mind creates a web of misery

Mind is the source of all your misery. With memories riding on it like a tape recorder, there will never be an end to your misery. It makes projections in the form of opinions in all situations. These projections are often known as perceptions. Your perceptions determine the quality of your life. These perceptions have their foundation in the conditions in which you were born and raised. Since they are deeply rooted in your subconscious mind, it is very difficult to get rid of them. It takes time, courage and determination to work through layers of conditioning embedded in your mind memory.

How to work through the mind layers

To work through the layers of your conditions, your mind will have to be dropped. It is only through it that projections are possible. Because it is like a receiver, such as a radio connecting to the nearest waves, it can receive frequencies of conditioning. These frequencies are then turned into something that you build your character around.

For example, if you are born in the UK, your mind will receive frequencies from your environment about how to be polite. You will smile, queue, talk about the weather, apologise unnecessarily ………. all because everyone around you is doing it. Your frequencies tap into this conditioning and therefore you start behaving this way without even blinking an eye. You’re on autopilot.

Contribution from the East

This is the essence of all the Eastern teachings where most practices of meditation originate. Western consciousness has always trusted science rather than the way of life mysteries. But in the East, they seem to have discovered something vital about human consciousness. They call it “Awareness”, to be aware is to have a sense of self. This sense of self can only be reached when the mind is dropped.

According to Tibetan Buddhists, the mind is like clouds, you can only see the sky when they have moved. Without the clouds, the sky is clear.  With this reference, you can understand why you are constantly miserable. Like clouds your mind is always churning out thoughts, opinions and judgements. Buried within all these, you have no moment of clarity. Like a zombie, you go around making the same mistakes; attracting the same relationships of people who hurt you, choosing to stay in the same dead-end jobs, putting up with abuse……

Now you know the misery attached to your mind, you may begin to ask how to change the frequencies that bring this misery or simply how  drop it. As mentioned above, meditation is the best way but with so many different modalities of meditation, where do you start? I have written a small treatise on the role of frequencies and how to reverse them here using Einstein’s work. Check it out!


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