Fear – A Universal Force

Fear – A Universal Force

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Fear - a tool of existence.

Fear reveals the inward wounds.


Learning from the gentle whip of Fear


We have all had to experience fear in one form or another; the scars from my battles tell me that it is part of the human experience. Within it though, are hidden gems but only to be picked at the side of experience.

With a rose-bush in tow to teach the dialectical nature of life, the thorns are never far from the roses. Gripped by the beauty of the roses hang, desire feeds on the fragrance of lust. To pluck a rose is a beauty gone, to reach it though is a deal with fear. This of course ends the tantalising hand as the thorns stare their angry resolve.


Makings of a man who deals with fear


But what constitution are those that learn to pluck at beauty’s end? How do they learn to deal with fear? The universe made it a forbidden game, to structure answers for a humanity in unique abode.

Advice many will give you but design included, it only applies to them. That does not mean we cannot learn from each other. But take everything you hear with a grain of salt. For sweet it may be to hear one’s advice but giving away your power to another is an enslavement of your wisdom. With every fear, you encounter is a treasure of wisdom waiting to reveal your nature.

Pound with Fear


With a pounding heart, you dare your tormenters to yet another conquest. In the company of fear, you craft new ways of revealing your true reality. The more the sweat, the harder the pound and the eager the eagle’s eye.

But since you trust not the ways of the universe, your knees crumble just before you triumph. With doubt a shade of fear in disguise, the mask is clear where restlessness abides. To care not for these little details is to award your trophy of bliss to fear’s end.


Don’t let it sleep


Like a malignant tumour, fear is sly. It wakes you not when all is well. As the bell tolls at your neighbour’s cause by all means you feel the stir. But stir you do, only to rest at the brink of your memory until it’s your turn.

Soaked in stupor, it’s clear to see that man learns not from comforts of flesh. A shake of your foundation, fear provides. An awakening of your constitution, in this way it is needed.

So befriend your fear the next time it knocks, gentle at fast lest you refuse to respond. The universe is friendly, a gentle giant; don’t force its hand to unleash the hardest whip.



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