Freedom in the Art of Transmuting Pain

Freedom in the Art of Transmuting Pain

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pain and pleasure

Change pain into Pleasure

Why pain is an important device in personal growth


Ever wondered why the most prominent people in the world have scars in the strides of their footsteps? Have you ever enjoyed anything that came to you without the pain of getting it?

Knowing the way current society looks at pain, I have to tread carefully in the waters of indoctrination. I simply want you to observe with impartiality at the events around you. Starting with your heroes and heroines. Ask yourself why the very people you revere have gone through painful experiences yet you are told to cotton wool your very environment? What is the secret in pain that drives governments especially in the West to monitor parents who don’t cotton wool their children?


Find Intelligence in pain transmutation

These are provocative questions but having spent my childhood in Africa and my adulthood in UK, I have observed as a parent the efforts invested from local authorities for children to stay needy. Needy in a sense that what used to build intelligence in a child has been taken away through regulation.

This is subtle yet obvious if you’re observant; for example, what happens to a child who cannot play outside unattended? They cannot develop certain survival skills such as thinking on their feet, joy of discovery, freedom of exploration, independence…. And yet is it not common practice for children to stay indoors and not explore the valleys of pleasures hidden in pain through independent play?


Be brave and process what you feel in the realms of pain

While you might not want to see the extent of the effects of avoiding pain from an early age, you can at least acknowledge the long-term effects given the quality of adult currently walking the earth. With no independent thought, you are easily manipulated into living your life on someone else’s terms. Whether that is your boss at work or government, it is irrelevant. You are a follower, you simply do what you are told without questions.

Put differently, you are still suckling at your mamma’s tired teats because you don’t want to grow up. The pain your mamma feels is immaterial to you as you would rather live a responsibility free life through avoiding the pain that comes with change.


What are your gurus made of?

But after years of running away, you inevitably get caught into your own cyclone. Because after all, everything is energy. You are creating your own reality without even being aware of it. Being a follower creates a warped sense of safety for a while but sooner or later you have to face that which you don’t want to see.

Pain is a device for growth, no one ever `makes it’ in any realms of reality without it. For those who are spiritually inclined, you are aware that all your spiritual leaders went through the same process to be your gurus.


Happy Seeking!

To Your Journey Into Self Exploration!



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