Getting Rid Of Negative Thoughts

Getting Rid Of Negative Thoughts

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Negative is constrictive

Negative mind-set is a constrictive mind-set.

Negative thoughts are the architects of our inbound sorrow and misery. Untamed, negative thoughts will determine where and who you end up with in life. What you think will show up in the results of your choices. And remember you are responsible for your own destiny; unless you are a child at which point your parents/carers will determine your childhood. Given the upper hand negative thoughts will deny you your dreams and achieving a single goal will be a daily struggle. Unfortunately when we think negative thoughts we affect the people around us. Do not let your children suffer endlessly because of your negative thoughts. Remember children are like sponges that soak up all around them. So how do we get rid of negative thoughts?

Becoming aware;

Awareness will increase your ability to choose what you want in your life hence getting rid of negative thoughts. Becoming aware can be easier said than done, l personally use brain meditating technology but most people can become more aware by simply keeping a daily dairy of the things they want in their life. Every time a negative thought comes in their mind, they quickly make light of it or remember their focus; and that works because you are telling your subconscious mind what your preferences are.

Make a vision board:

This is a visual representation of the things you want in your life (goals or dreams). It is a brilliant way to visually tell your subconscious mind of your life’s goals or dreams; every time a negative thought comes, your subconscious mind will know that’s not the preference and hence quickly put you back on track. Look at the vision board at least twice a day to put more emphasis on the things you want. The day may go with a few negative thoughts but you will marvel at how little their effects will become.

Replace with positive thoughts:

As easily as negative thoughts come in your mind, so can positive ones. Negative thoughts come easily because of the conditioning through your life. At the starting point you need to condition your mind to positive thoughts by being grateful for what you have in life and start trying to see the best in all situations. Get a burning desire to rid yourself of these crippling negative thoughts. Decide not to involve in any negative conversations with any one. Only do the things that serve your subconscious mind to remain in a heightened state of positive flow. Those of you that have pictures of loved ones, use them as a weapon against negative thoughts. Whenever negative thoughts pop up in your mind, focus on the picture/situation or situations that bring happy memories or a smile on your face.

Getting rid of negative thoughts can improve your life dramatically. When you realise what you have been missing, you feel like you have been asleep in a deep comma for 1000 years not knowing what was going on around you. Negative thoughts deny you your rights to an abundant life. Manifesting any thing is a dream that seems too far from you. You become a wishful thinker yet it is your right to have an abundant life. Visit us here for more information on how to get rid of negative thoughts.

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