Can the Veil of Happiness be lifted by Tears?

Can the Veil of Happiness be lifted by Tears?

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Tears can be happy

Tears can bring happiness.

How processing your sadness can bring you happiness


It is in those frozen spaces one always finds a thaw, it is in the tears of fire the foundation of true happiness is laid. Contrary to popular belief, tears are the gate way to higher realms of reality.

Those that have got the gift of the over flowing river can always testify to this truth. But one has to ask why society conditions every child from a very early age to be ashamed of tears. Did the founders of our societies stumble across the power of this secret? Does this explain the touting of suppression and the shame in expression?


Swing of opposites

Though subtle, understanding the psychology behind tears is understanding how opposites work. Just like sadness, true happiness cannot be experienced without its opposite. One always swings the pendulum to the other, those that understand this truth always live life in acceptance.

In other words, you cannot experience one without the other. In suppression of your expression in tears, you have also supressed your expression in laughter/joy/bliss. They both co-exist, escape one and escape both. This then explains the frantic search for happiness in humanity. In the bid to escape sadness, you have escaped happiness too.


Flow with life

With life ever changing its course of the river, no one can really tell what the next moment holds. The conditioning to hold on to what you deem safe, happy or secure is your death bed because after all; life does not care for sentimentalities. This holding on creates repetitive patterns of stagnation where growth is frozen in deep icy ravines of fear.

When the course of the river changes to a direction that is not in your pattern, you are swept away in unknown waters where tears visit your arid desert. But because you have pushed away life/change in the bid to stay secure, these tears last longer bringing with them a wave of pain. This then becomes your opportunity to learn the road to true happiness; if you are open.


Why is pain necessary for growth

Just like a toddler glows with happiness and sadness in their bid to learn to walk, pain is a natural gift necessary to transcend your challenges. The more you are willing to learn and process your fall, the more you climb to higher experiences.

It is these experiences that create opportunities for higher intellect. No one ever grows in cotton wool environments. To fully experience life, is to be open to challenges that come your way. These challenges usually bring a wave of tears with them that can help you open the heart chakra to higher intelligence. The more you are willing to experience all that life has to offer, the more happiness will become your shadow.


To your Journey into Self Exploration!


Happy Seeking!




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