Love Is A Trauma Wound

Love Is A Trauma Wound

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Love will conquer all trauma!

Being Love erases Trauma


Love is a trauma wound that pulses the heart

It sits deep in the heart waiting to be rediscovered

Love is a mystery that is beyond bounds


But what created this wound that never heals?

With a scar that is deep as a ravine

Spanning across life times?


Was it the gut wrenching pain of separation?

The split into two forms from the God one?

The binary codes haunting the string theory?


Is this why Jesus was hang on the cross?

His crime being that of separation

While his divine counterpart watched in horror


Was Mary Magdalene the split from Jesus

And hence the Trauma wound sprouted then

At the pinnacle of the bleeding cross


Why Is the cross the sign of love?

Do churches worship pain and trauma?

What’s divine about a man’s pain?


Now accept the trauma of love

Is living backwards in pain

Where cruelty at the cross became the symbol of peace


Hence the everyday person is happy living in trauma

Working day and night for the master

That whips their back in co-corporations’ slew


What of this living back wards

Aren’t you tired and laboured with the cross

Cast it like a fisherman casts his net


In trust of the next catch

What choice have you but to trust

That the burdens cast were never yours


But for a “Boss” that rides your back as a donkey

For that next rise in the stock market

Making love in the market place


While simmering blood all over the walls

While pimping for the next profit line

In the corridors of death


Loosen your grip on the nerves of fear

For they have no place in the chambers of love

Where trauma likes to show its face


Forget what you worshiped in the pain of Jesus

And remember what you missed in his union with Mary

Spin forward and harness love like never before


Discard trauma and pull in the pleasure of the God one

One that understands that love isn’t pain

But a joyous celebration of all




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