What is Happiness?

What is Happiness?

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Look inwards for happiness


Discover the bugs at the root of your happiness


What is happiness but a meeting of your own face in a cracked mirror? Now that you have ceased to blame the mirror, you can finally dance with the cracks.

And once you dance, the miracle of the mirror turns the cracks into a smile with a fluid glue of eternal bliss.

Yes, I say to you that you can dance your way to bliss by simply accepting the cracks in the mirror. You are going to have to one way or another anyway in this society that keeps flagging cracks; your very happiness depends on it! I know you are probably wondering how on earth you can dance when you don’t feel the rhythm.


Learn to dance to your own rhythm

You are the rhythm to your happiness, the secret lays in learning to dance to your own beat no matter the circumstance. Bound by the chains of conditioning, what was natural has become something you have to seek from outside influences. Though there is nothing wrong in seeking help, the variety is overwhelming.

By the time you get to a course, a teacher, a seminar…. that finally gets you to seek inwards, your misery has become customary. With this sort of misery comes a different approach to your attitude towards happiness. It becomes a harder mould to break but none the less not an impossible one.


Why you may not recognise your misery

Furthermore, because society has integrated systems that support a miserable existence as opposed to happiness; you don’t even recognise the things that cause your misery.

Even though this is common in all age groups, the most targeted age group is the teenage. These are more vulnerable because they are the most likely to rebel against this input if they recognise it.  You will therefore observe that special attention will be paid to indoctrination devices for this age group. Whether it is music used against them as a device or food; it makes no difference. Their happiness is particularly targeted due to not only their rebellious nature but also their thirst for life.


How adult happiness is targeted

You are probably wondering how adults’ happiness is targeted. Though targeted differently in routines such as jobs, structured family arrangements, mortgages… adults don’t recognise these subtle mechanisms. Happy in their accepted unhappiness, they carry out routine day-to-day activities in the same way year in and out. Little do they know that the quickest way to drown your soul is to fence yourself in strict structures.


That is why every teacher’s first recommendation to changing your life is to start making small changes around your routines. Even if it means a change of a driving route to work, this may be the change that starts a revival of the roots of your happiness.


To Your Journey into Self Exploration!


Happy Seeking!



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