A Promise of Happiness (short story)

A Promise of Happiness (short story)

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Innocence and happiness

In happiness and innocence

A Search for happiness in Innocence and Experience

Packaged in a suitcase, swept under a carpet lay a secret to all life’s woes. A secret to happiness that was not only forbidden for nobles but also normal folk. Only those that could read between lines of proses and unwind the yarn of poetry could have a glimpse. The secrecy surrounding this tale was always the subject of village gossip. An air of mystery surrounded its origin, no one could recall how it all started but like all mysteries it remained untouchable; especially to those who deemed themselves worthy of it.

But mystery has its way of attracting the curiosity of innocence and the ignorance of knowledge. Just like the curiosity of a child lures her/him into chasing a butterfly with no care of the next moment, innocence can only be in the present moment. While experience stuffs routines in its daily grind, innocence stays open in trust. So, it was not surprising that when the exploration into the mystery of happiness started that innocence stayed aloof and passive, and experience active.


The exploration in happiness begins

This exploration was obvious in experience as there were no shortage of maps to follow the perceived territory. The race was on to find the hidden gem of happiness. In books of science, technology, and history lay the trusted route to happiness for experience’s conquest. No one stopped to question the idea behind this search. If some books had existed for years, why hadn’t the secret been found. Always on a fool’s errand, those that were experienced deemed themselves in the know of all things.

While innocence played in the moment, there seemed no competition for those that were experienced in finding all secrets, including happiness. Little did they know that the treasure lay in their passive acceptance of all that is. Innocence did not know the where about of this secret or if it existed. Creativity was their way of expression, they seemed to not care whether they found the secret or not. But whether they cared or not, what good would worry do?

Is music a bridge to happiness

And so, their music infused the air by night, permeating even the remotest corners of the village. Like an echo in the mountain, music was a call not to be ignored. And soon those whose veins pulsated with the infusion of music could not resist the open invitation. The night gatherings soon multiplied to unimaginable numbers, people seemed hungry for something. Even though they couldn’t put a finger to it, they were hungry non-the less and music seemed to satiate their hunger.

Soon whispers of satiety reached the corridors of experience. Evoked by the possibility that innocence may have found happiness, they treaded the same path with all other night gatherers that night. Unknown to innocence, experience blended in the crowd to listen to that night’s take of the moment. And what a take! The crowds were lifted by the flightless wings of music to a higher momentum. Counting in fours to one harmony, they hugged each other in a wave. The atmosphere was infectious with a fragrance of happiness.

It was not long before experience found its self in the arms of wonder and awe as innocence played to the tune of all hearts. Lost in the magic of music, experience tried to gain composer but to no avail. The rhythms were intent on invading even those that seemed unwelcoming. But why come to a party when you are not ready to dance. Could this be happiness? Experience wondered as the rhythmic infusion coursed through the whole body of people. But how can it be this simple?

If rhythm can easily evoke the heart to dance, what then can be said for other forms of creativity? Experience thought long and hard about the simplicity of what was shared that night. It seemed like happiness was always within reach. There was no secret to be discovered after all. The searcher was the searched. This understanding had to be passed on to all villagers, ensuring that all generations had access to the knowing that, “Happiness is your basic nature.”



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