Is Happiness the Search for the Unknown?

Is Happiness the Search for the Unknown?

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Unknown is happiness

Explore the unknown for happiness

How to explore your chances of happiness in the unknown valleys of life

The search for happiness is embedded in mass consciousness since infancy. Whether you are aware or not, to be happy is the first goal everyone ever learns. Parents start the conditioning in this search through not only stories but also in mirroring their desires in their children. But if you look hard at the state of humanity, the blind are leading the blind. Parents are passing on the very ideas of happiness that have made their lives miserable. The plot gets thicker when all that is sort is achieved and, yet your hands remain empty-handed with one thing: happiness.


How did we get down this rabbit hole?

The first thing any child is taught is that happiness lies in listening/mirroring others. This conditioning takes different forms in different parts of the world. I was always told to listen to my elders, regardless of whether they were relatives or not. This conditioning then takes the child from themselves to stay within societal acceptable boundaries. Whether it is education, politics or religion, the survival of all these institutions depends on this “Listen to your (elders/teachers/scientists/priests/parents) type of conditioning. Given that we are all unique beings, misery is inevitable in this one size fits all paradigm. The search for happiness will therefore become a continuous nuisance until you take matters in your hands. To be happy is to take personal responsibility!


How do you get out of this revolving wheel?

You may have had life times searching for happiness. But it makes no difference if you keep searching in the same places you have always searched. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing achieving the same results again and again. You must drop the known beaten track for the unknown to discover new ways of doing new things. The same applies to happiness. If you have tried; dieting, exercise, traditional meditation, seminars… and you remain the same; it is time you tried a new approach!

You will often find that the means of your search are the hinderance. This is contradictory to what you have been conditioned to believe. But if you observe nature, no tree or bird is trying to do anything. Your happiness has been buried in the fallacy of not only doing but also goal orientation for so long. The only way out of this revolving wheel of misery is to try something outside the boundaries of what you know. Your happiness is just over the last boundary.

If you want to explore this boundary, try something new here.

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