Meditation; the underestimated medication within

Meditation; the underestimated medication within

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Meditation is the medication within

I have stumbled across this video in my archives. I am surprised how relevant the message still is to this day. The video goes into the different stages of personal development and concludes with a solution of meditation.

We used to offer a free audio of meditation but the industry got flooded with these audios that I changed course. Instead of offering you a free copy of meditation that you may value more than your inner guidance, I decided to write a book that would point you to your inner guidance.

For that reason, the video doesn’t come with a free copy of meditation. But if you want to explore how to access your inner guidance, find out more here.

`If we are willing to cry, we are willing to laugh’

Meditation, soul medication!

I try to always remind my readers that it is never the book, device, system….. that changes your perception, it is your willingness to learn. Come with a thirst of a dessert traveler and a child will teach you how to love.


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