Does your Health affect your Happiness?

Does your Health affect your Happiness?

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What happiness says about your health

Happiness and health

How what you eat may affect your happiness

`You are what you eat!’ Someone must have coined this term with happiness in mind. While no one ever wants to take responsibility in the darkest times of their life, everyone knows that they become what they eat. Your body consciousness or lack of it constitutes the sum intake of the food you eat.

Food should be living to feed the living! While this may be a discussion for moderation, you must examine your body’s performance to understand the effects of your diet. Happiness is like a shadow that follows you when you begin to take care of yourself.

Your vitality

I know happiness cannot be confined to diet only, but it plays a major role in your vitality. In some ancient cultures, food was the only medicine. That says a lot about this civilisation where we are supposedly more advanced but are constantly investing in disease management. To be civilised is to understand that;

`Prevention is better than cure!’

Rather than invest in higher insurance premiums, invest in good quality food. Secure the future with good health. Like parasites, insurance companies feed on fear of death. It is this fear that is targeted to get you into paying higher premiums in case you are sick.

But what if you decided that a daily dose of medicine in the form of good food will eventually keep the doctor away? This is not only long-term insurance but also a result in the eventual increase of your happiness.

Boost mental clarity

One of the main attributes of happiness is mental clarity. With mental clarity, you can run your life from a decisive point of view.

You make choices based on a mind powered by the best nutrients you can access. This starts to show in the way you live and work. Without a foggy mind, you take responsibility for your actions. You become the author of your life.

Connect communities

I know most people believe that good food is expensive but it all depends where you shop. There are usually struggling local organic farmers that cannot compete with big super stores. By shopping locally, you keep them in business and in exchange you get good quality food. This not only creates a web of happiness in the communities but it also unities them.

So, by simply deciding to eat healthily, you can increase your vitality, boost mind power and build happy communities thus creating your own happiness. I think this is worth a try!


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