When Pleasure Turns into Pain

When Pleasure Turns into Pain

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When pleasure evokes pain

Pleasure turned pain


The reflection in the mirror you don’t want to see


Forked up in a mouthful, stuffed down in pleasure, whoever thinks of pain in the hour of indulgence? With a mountain full of superfluous needs, food is just another of those excesses taken in the pleasure boat of a fleeting summer.

Ooh! I can feel the lure of that chocolate gateau and the social warmth of sharing food. But where does personal responsibility begin? With kids weighing shopping carts in fat and sugar, the next generation is but a timing bomb. Whether the food industry has a vested interest in making people sick or not, there comes a time when you have to decide your destiny in this pain riddled road.


Less pain in moderation

I am not trying to put you off your food in touting pleasure as pain but you have to remember that everything has a price. But if you are going to pay a price for something, why don’t you put moderation on the price tag?

It is often said that anything in moderation is on the safe side of the fence. Safe because you have at least followed nature’s law of balance. Because anything you over do will over do you and likewise, anything you under do will under do you in either pleasure or pain.


Food isn’t a flag bearer for boredom

Food being a source of nutrition has always been the focus of excess hence pain. With a typical Western family refrigerator loaded to feed the woes of idleness, food has become a source of self-retribution.

The old age way of expressing self-loathing in drugs, alcohol… has turned a new leaf to add yet another intoxicant. You may not think that food can be described as an intoxicant but additives have made it so. While you thought a packet of biscuits is as innocent as a grape vine, something keeps your hand in the biscuit barrel to the last crumb turning your innocent pleasure into pain.


The answer isn’t to refrain from pleasure, the answer is to seek a moderate life style. Pleasure only turns to pain when we seek excess in a way to escape life. The key is to find your bliss, joy and happiness so that you don’t seek it in excesses that eventually turn into painful experiences.


To your Journey into Self Exploration

Happy seeking!


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