Who are Your Spiritual Parents?

Who are Your Spiritual Parents?

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Your physical parents may not be your spiritual parents.

Why you are nothing like your parents


Just because you are born in a family doesn’t mean they are your spiritual parents. We are in the corridors of change and understanding the concept of where you come from spiritually has never been more important. The last 1000 year old cycle was charged in physical relationships, the new one is spiritual. Unfortunately, due to the excessive indoctrination, you have been hammered into families that have nothing to do with the root word – familiar.

Starting with the process of being born, there are the masculine principle of frequency which comes in thoughts that gravitates towards the feminine principle of vibration. The frequency (thought) then enters the feminine womb vibration as sperm. It is this communication that creates what we now see – you. If these are your spiritual parents the events will play out in a harmonious way – there will be no friction in your relationship.

Harmonious in a way that your father the frequency is not possessed by high or low ideas in his thought patterns. This possession will bring foreign thoughts that will gravitate foreign spirits towards him. It is at this point of conception that parents have got to be extra vigilant in protecting their fields to avoid bringing foreign spirits within themselves. For these children birthed in these circumstances, you can be physical parents but not spiritual parents.

Possible causes of possession in your field

Alcohol: Drinking alcohol during the time of conception may encourage inharmonious disagreeable   spirits in your field. It is this drinking that infuses your aura with food for spirits outside you. They then enter your thoughts field and give you ideas to gravitate towards a female who is vibrating in the similar field – alcohol. When the two meet and have sex; the child who may be conceived may be foreign to them, they are not his/her spiritual parents.

Drugs: Drugs play out in the same way as alcohol but the difference is the medium. While alcohol comes as a fluid therefore, more in the vibration feminine realm. Because females are in the vibration womb world and the feminine principle is emotions/fluid (vibration), alcohol affects them more. One may say that alcohol is a gateway to the emotional realm for those looking for spiritual parents and children in the bottled realms. Or those who want to conceive foreign children.

On the contrary, drugs are mainly in the masculine realm. Because of the drugs’ inhalation smoking medium, many are harvested from seeds. And seeds are of the masculine principle. Therein the smoke will create an aura within which high or low spirits, depending on the individual, will gravitate. These will be the thoughts that inhabit the individual and become his/her spiritual children. Whether you are ready to become spiritual parents, it makes no difference as long as you engage in behaviour that invite spirits that may challenge your existence. The so-called crack babies are an example of children who are foreign to their parents. And nothing can make up for the gap created by being born in the wrong spiritual family.

Children in these circumstances could be higher

Normally, the children born in these circumstances are higher than their parents or even spiritually older. This can be a problem because very quickly they become the carers of the addicted parents. They are followed by the aura of alcohol, drugs…. Which spiritually manifests a hard-physical existence for them. The physical parents stay in the spiritual space   and like a blocked pipe the children may need specialist spiritual plumbers to siphon out the parasitic physical parents. The parents become parasitic because they are not spiritual parents for these children and therefore must leave their space. If you are experiencing a family with nothing familiar; you are one of the ”stolen” children. You gravitated towards the parents based on a lie.

Alcohol, drugs, money, sex mimic high spaces and depending on the individual, they may pull higher or lower spirits in conception. It is time to accept if you experience unfamiliarity with your physical parents that they aren’t your spiritual parents. Especially if you are nothing like them! Go within and find your family!

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