How Can Power Of Positive Thinking Be Attained?

How Can Power Of Positive Thinking Be Attained?

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How to enhance positive thinking.

Power of positive thinking can be unleashed in different ways if you subscribe to doing the work. The definition of doing work in this case is using any tools available to change the mind map programmed in the subconscious. That part of the mind contains all the unwanted/unhelpful patterns that form the basis of decision making and behavior patterns. By reprogramming the mind through meditation, positive thinking, affirmation and many more you set the path for a future without suffering and unconsciousness. When you understand that negative thinking patterns are unhelpful and no resource to them you align yourself with a great resource. Power of positive thinking is usually a great way to start accessing this resource.

How to practice power of positive thinking

Make it a habit: It takes some work to habituate new ways of living. You need to commit to a daily ritual for whatever habit you are trying to make a part of your life. For example I could save money in the bank and not be consistent with living it for the designated time. So I signed up for rich dad poor dad and Robert recommended using 3 piggy banks. The point is to put whatever you can afford in equal quantities in each piggy bank: it does not matter whether it is a penny or hundreds, what matters is the daily, weekly or monthly commitment to create a saver’s habit. That was a very simple and direct exercise but very powerful in its intention. Habits can be anything from affirmations, exercises, eating to driving in a straight line. If you think about it: most habits you carry were learnt out of choice. Would you be on the road if you could not cultivate a habit of driving in a straight line?

Using power of positive thinking as your basis, habits become fun and hence easy to make them part of our daily life. Become aware of your thoughts. Power of positive thinking can help you take control of the mind chatter. This is the continuous back ground voice that tells you things like; you are not good enough, you will never make it, not pretty enough and the list goes on. The good news is: you are enough, a beautiful being who deserves to have faith that you are enough. We have a system on my site that helps filter these thoughts in a more direct way. Napoleon Hill dedicated the book Think and Grow Rich to the power of thoughts. He emphasizes how given the intense desire, faith and concentration, the mind; through thought can achieve everything you set out to achieve in life. Power of positive thinking can enhance the right thoughts that will put you in the right manifestation path. In order to manifest anything the mind has to be in alignment with positive vibrations.

Watch your perception: Power of positive thinking can be all about perception. Like I have explained in my previous articles, everything is neutral; you see it in the way you do depending on the state of mind you are in. For example picture two people in a traffic jam, one is ranting away and the other is listening to music happily passing the time. Same situation, time and events but the difference in perceptions has ended up creating different outcomes in the two people. When you feel overwhelmed; remember to take the opportunity to be positive by affirming to yourself that things are ok, temporary, an opportunity to grow and perhaps what you having been looking for is hiding amid the chaos you are witnessing.

Watch with interest and curiosity to see how the situation develops; take the opportunity to learn something from the situation. You will be amazed how funny and different the `chaos’ becomes. Using power of positive thinking will enable this perception to grow quicker. No one knows why we as human beings create so much suffering through the wrong thought patterns. Power of positive thinking can minimize this suffering. A system that filters thoughts is very crucial and at inner magnet we have one. With power of positive thinking as the end goal. Visit us here for more information.


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