How is Art Used in Alignment with Astrological Energies?

How is Art Used in Alignment with Astrological Energies?

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As a child on snowy days you made angels – that’s the 5 pointed star, your body.

Examining Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian man in Astrology

While looking at today’s astrological energies, I couldn’t help but examine “the star of David”. Which is the Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian man in a six-pointed star. In the Da Vinci impression, the combination of this star is the body (five pointed star) with another energy having sex (meeting/mating to birth to the six-pointed star). Now having studied Leonardo da Vinci’s art work for a while you know that it is coded with higher meaning, hidden in plain sight. So, what is the point of hiding energies in not only astrological energies but also astronomy, poetry, mythology etc.?

To answer the question, you have to explore the starting point – “the star of David”. Which in other cultures is called the “flower of life” or the Vitruvian man according to Leonardo da Vinci. Israel is the only country associated with this star and therefore the astrological energies will be in its favour. Until you understand the energies; those in the know will benefit while you stand and spectate your life away. You become a follower rather than a leader in your expert field due to the energies not working in your favour.

Why are astrological energies hidden?

So, the answer to why energies are hidden is, to create a monopoly in manifestation. Whoever understands the science of astrological energies, astronomy, anthropology etc. benefits from the current alignments. But ignorance is no longer an excuse as you have free astrology readings online. If you know your date of birth and time of birth, you can get readings and learn to benefit from the astrological alignments in the sky. Changes to the alignments every day mean you have to have an understanding of astrology or listen/follow someone who does to experience maximum benefits.

Spirituality takes a front seat

There is baseline understanding in all mystery schools that unless you understand spirituality first, astrological energies work only at one level. Why? Spirituality is the science of self, you first have to understand yourself then manifest that understanding in the reality and live through it. However, over the last 1000 years, a mechanical world came into play where astrological alignments could be drawn by artist such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Picasso etc. These alignments would then gravitate energies from the art viewers and manifest for whoever owns the intellectual property of the art. In other words, the ruling classes have been manifesting their world through your ignorance.

A change in the arts industry

Art is supposed to be an invitation into the exploration of self. Because no one knew themselves, art became a means of pulling you further from self. A good example of this is the music industry. But a handful of artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson, James Brown…who invite and tease the self within through the mastery of their art; most of the artists invite the flesh, desire, gluttony. Almost giving you an unforgettable trip into an exploration into your lower natures.

These natures are in the root chakra where you have sex, food and things (politics falls in this category). Known as the three root races, you have been able to manifest your desires by simply using astrological energies because they are in the lower chakra. In the new age of Aquarius, the energies move higher into the 4thto 7thchakra. Here spirituality has to accompany all other sciences for you to manifest your desires.

Why is the yoni called “the Star of David”?

Having started this article with the star of David or flower of life. I realised that the flower of life is the yoni (virgina). Through this realisation, I was shocked that art almost distorted reality in referring to the yoni as the Vitruvian man. But what did Leonardo da Vinci mean? Did he mean that the Vitruvian man was mating with the body/feminine energy?

So, did the mater/masculine energies become more important than the star/body? And does this mean that the astrological energies through which these alignments were used are masculine? In the event the alignments were/are masculine, does this explain why they worked? In the Aquarian age, there is a feminine component – spirituality. This means that nothing can now manifest without the feminine energy meeting with the masculine. No more only masculine world views and manifestations!

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