How Prayer is An Outside Entity?

How Prayer is An Outside Entity?

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What is prayer?

Prayer is giving your power away!

Discovering the truth about prayer

If prayer is asking for something outside you and what we do in the physical gravitates energy. Then everything, person or place we get involved in is a form of prayer. It is giving your power to entities outside you because you are asking for help from outside not inside which is yourself. Because all energy/what you do is a form of prayer, we are all religious without knowing.

Life is a form of prayer. Therefore, your thoughts, feelings and emotions will manifest your reality

For example, I wrote an article on “who are your spiritual parents?” that may explain why alcohol, drugs, money and sex are the highest or lowest forms of prayer that gravitate low or high spirits around you. This of course will depend on your vibration.

Because drinking, drugs…are in the outside realm but can attract spirits/children in your orb externally, like all you do, they are a form of prayer.

Therefore, what we eat will gravitate certain spirits as all forms of ingestion are energy in the outside realm gravitating spirits around you. If eating is a form of prayer, be careful what you are eating.

You are what you eat

Understanding that the frequency/thoughts/masculine/ the father goes into the vibration/emotion/womb/the mother is crucial. We eat thoughts therefore your thoughts are a form of prayer that have sex with the vibration/emotion /feminine. If what you are eating is bad for you, it makes you sick. It is like feeding on garbage and expect to be healthy – you can’t. And if garbage is your prayer in the form of frequency brought to the vibration then you will create a lot of trials and tribulations.

Simply put, if the masculine father is bringing messed up frequencies around the feminine mother. Her womb will vibrate in a chaotic state and create dangerous circumstances that may create people’s demise. The word to pray comes from the root word predator and is of the outside garbage frequency realm. Therefore, you can’t manifest anything but garbage. It’s like expecting a garbage man to bring you flowers, he can’t, his truck is full of garbage.

So, a word to the females, be careful about people, places and things you allow in your aura. You are the vibration and every frequency in your aura will manifest into reality. Cut off people, places and things that create a life of trials and tribulations. If having these messed up circumstances creates upheaval then check what kind of outside prayer/partner/father/ thoughts you have been processing. Remember everything you do, say or think is a form of prayer that will manifest in reality.

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