How to Deal with Transmutation of self

How to Deal with Transmutation of self

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Death of ego

Death is the falling away like autumn!

Death of the ego

Transmutation is a form of death that comes at different stages on the spiritual journey. Just like a bird gets kicked out of the nest to learn to fly, you must also be ready to be kicked. But the ego wants to know and is on the lookout to protect your interest – avoiding death. Never the less, it is inevitable as that is in the fabric of nature. Every day you have subtle deaths as you morph into a different person each day. Same as the day dies to become the night, these are all subtle deaths/changes yet sometimes we are called to deal with major changes. The following have been my observations on how to deal with death/transmutation.



Trust that there will be a solution to the problem, after all you created the problem in the first place in order to use it to expand your spirit. Trust is an inner quality that gets manifested out of a meditative space. It is your power of faith, belief and imagination. While the outer goes absolutely crazy, find the space within to centre yourself and that in itself is the expansion. That said, expansion only happens after a death.

Learn to create

Creativity is your saviour in not only the time of upheaval but during normal living. Whether you paint, sing, write music, instrumentalist or are a poet, to create is to expand your awareness and hence through that awareness find solutions. During extreme change/death, creativity will put you in a space that calms all outside influences hence like meditation centre you.

Mind health

Since the ego dwells in the mind, it is important to do activities on the outside that take the age off. For example, exercise, gardening, pottery, arts and craft etc. As for the internal side meditation comes up again here as the mind can run off in mind chatter. It is this mind chatter that gets you in a stressful state or in a state of unsettledness. In meditation, you can handle death with the growth that only comes with awareness.

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