How to find your True Spiritual Family

How to find your True Spiritual Family

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Connect to your spiritual family

Find your spiritual family

Why Your Spiritual Family May be non-physical?


Have you ever wondered why you feel alone even when you are surrounded by family, friends and co-workers? Your spiritual family may be non-physical, but unfortunately you are led to believe that all family and friends must be physical.

You know you can feel the breeze, you get ideas from “no where”. Could that be your spiritual family?

Anyone who is creative knows that your influence comes from within. That influence that leads to a book, a painting, a product etc. comes from your spiritual space.

Before I go any further, I am aware of non-physical entities that may be in your field with harmful intent. In search for your spiritual family; you should never seek outside yourself. Seek within, sit in silent meditation and the river of creative influence will follow. Only follow that which comes from the heart (within). Otherwise you will be possessed by entities looking to ride out bodies in this realm.

Who to entertain on your spiritual journey?

Only listen to those in the same vibration as you. Don’t entertain friends outside your frequency. And if it is your family that is outside your frequency, learn to be with them but not of them. This is difficult at first, as you have been indoctrinated to love regardless. Instead have compassion, you chose this family for a major learning this life time. While your spiritual family may start to influence your creative flow, be humble and your exit will come. For that is your purpose this life time, to expand/grow out of spaces that don’t serve you.

It isn’t that you have to leave your responsibilities in order to pursue your spiritual lineage. It is that you have to learn to accept the responsibilities while you wait for your freedom. If you don’t create a path of closure to the relationships that don’t serve you in this life time, you come back in the same circumstance or situation until you learn to expand out of that space.

Why is it difficult to find your spiritual family?

Indoctrination! You have been told that the bloodline you are born in is not only your spiritual bloodline but also your physical family. This has split the body, mind and soul; to the extent that nobody knows who they are. You think your physical family is your spiritual family. Sometimes you will be lucky to manifest the physical as well as the spiritual family in a life time in the same space. Though this is rare, it is still possible for a few.

But if you’re the black sheep of your family, there are no prizes for guessing that you are from a different spirit space to your current physical family. Be silent in your meditation and the universe has no choice but to act on your behalf by bringing your family to you.

If you want some motivation in finding your spiritual lineage, I have written a book about my journey here.

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