How to Meditate your Way to Freedom

How to Meditate your Way to Freedom

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How the blossoms teach meditation

Meditate upon what makes the spring blossom.

How to discover the power of meditation through silence


Deep within your spirit you know how to meditate but what if the mind has its agenda?

What we have been calling meditation is summoning as we tend to have a focus on something, a person or place. Whether you are meditating on a house or a spouse; you are summoning them.


Meditation is taught in a begging way, you are made poor in spirit. Because your spirit already knows how to meditate; you are in that state if you sit in silence. In this silence, there are no attachments. Your visions come from within, you will manifest what you are ready to handle.


Why not use vision boards?


Vision boards have been used to manifest your dreams. The trouble is you will actually manifest these people, places or things on the vision board only to discover they weren’t for you. This is because you called/summoned i.e. a car that you weren’t ready to be responsible for either financially or otherwise. These things are manifest from the ego self from outside you.


Don’t lose your dreams, hold on to them but remember that your spirit is here to expand and contract. Which is death and birth, a process you go through every time you have problems (contraction/death) and happy times (birth/expansion). The only way to navigate these seasons is to learn how to meditate.


Why learn to meditate?


Meditation is medication, the sweetest fruit off your tree. To meditate is to sit in clarity with no thoughts or attachments. You simply be with yourself, it is in these golden moments that you will see/sight (visions will come from within).

It is these visions that will make you realise your destiny. You will start to map out your existence based on what you have seen from within not what you have seen from without.


With all that said, how to meditate isn’t the easiest thing to learn. You are born in this state and the whole indoctrination system is to get you from this state. In this space, you are always present as a baby who hears the slightest sounds and sees/realises their needs with simplicity. Realise that you have to put in the work just as you have put out the work. If I am to recommend any teachers, it would be Osho and Doelow Da Pilotman to get you an understanding of what true meditation is. The state of “No Mind” as Osho called it.


If you would like to go deeper, I have written a book about my life here that expands on the subject.

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