How to Secure Your Spiritual Space

How to Secure Your Spiritual Space

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Get in tune and clear your spiritual space.

How to clear your spiritual space

In a 3D physical world, everyone needs their space. This is no different in the spiritual realm, you need to get rid of all baggage. This baggage can play out as rubbish or even toxic waste. Because this baggage comes in people, places and things; it can often be hard to get rid of. These people can often be your closest relatives who persist in cluttering your spiritual space. So, how do you declutter where family is concerned?

If it is people outside the family that are cluttering your spiritual space, it is easy to cut these connections off both physically and emotionally. You simply cut off the phone and disconnect from those people or cease going to certain places that had a connection to these people. But if it is your mother, father, sister, ex-husband who clutters your space, they are harder to get rid of.

How to disconnect from the impeders

The first way I would advise to disconnect from the closest impeding on your spiritual journey is cut off emotionally. You are in these relationships because you had a connection from the previous life. Until you cut the cord, it will continue on to the next life. In order to cut off emotionally, you must observe where the cords are. Meditate on the relationship and observe how you have been feeding the relationship. Remember it is called a relation-ship for a reason. The ship is a boat you both have been on esoterically and to come off you need to know how to swim. Simply put, to secure your spiritual space, learn how to take responsibility for the emotional baggage you have added to create such density. Both from the previous life and in this life.

Secondly, cut your thoughts off the people, places and things that are in your spiritual space. Remember thoughts are things and whoever or whatever you think of becomes manifest in your reality. Again, you cut off the thought patterns by observing where you have been feeding that relationship. For example, if every time you think about money your ex-partner calls, it means they are feed by your thoughts on money. And they were in that relationship for monetary gain. But it is only by observing that you will start to see a pattern of who is who.

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