How your Feelings determine how you Manifest

How your Feelings determine how you Manifest

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Honouring your feelings moment to moment.


The Value in Honouring Your feelings


Your feelings are the indicators of the soul and hence the way you travel in the astral realm. Combined with your thoughts, feelings and actions, one is of the mind, next of the soul and finally the body takes action. They are the three routes of manifestation. But do you ever honour how you feel? And where do feelings come from?


To start with the latter question, your feelings are developed out of your past experiences. Furthermore, you come with baggage from your previous life that influences your feelings. As for the past experiences, when you are a child, the people, places and things around you influenced the way you grew up. It is this influence that develops what becomes what you are familiar or comfortable with. Because of indoctrination in the way the whole world is brought up, your feelings are not yours. You are supposed to put on a poker face and lie about how you feel.

Using Meditation to honour your feelings

Because of this, you can’t honour the way you feel when you are not allowed to be you. Therefore, you must devise a system that works for you. For example, if you are in a group of people that make you feel uncomfortable where you can’t express yourself, leave the group. It is important to be honest with your feelings. In circumstances where you can’t leave, whether it is family that you can’t express yourself around or work; begin to build an internal system with moment to moment meditation.


This meditation will keep you grounded in your struggle. It is the grounding and alertness that will slowly help you get in a different space where you can start to honour your feelings. Also, being alert will help you pin point the areas where you have specific struggles. This meditation has been written about in a book called “Meditations of a Watcher”. Check it out here.



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