How your Physical Family can Make you Spiritually Messed Up

How your Physical Family can Make you Spiritually Messed Up


How you may be carrying baggage from previous life time


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Your physical family may not your real family.

You were born to a family, location and things around you that mean something. But what if all this physicality is a trap? Because with physicality comes attachments, it is these attachments that may make you spiritually messed up. But the trouble is, all this is deeply imbedded in the subconscious mind. Meaning we don’t even know what is imbedded in us.

The only indicator is often a life of trials and tribulations; an outcome of a life with constant frustration. These are the mirror that reflects what is hidden deep within. Your physical family in this life time has a big part to play in all this. When you were born, you came with baggage from the previous life time. This means you came through your family because they resonated with that baggage – you were already family in the physical. But that doesn’t mean you are spiritual family and this may be the reason you may be spiritually messed up.


Detaching yourself to free yourself

In order to heal in this life time, you must learn to detach spiritually from any physical family or friends that represent the baggage. Otherwise, you will repeat this in the next life time until you learn that they aren’t your real family. Remember, the physical comes last in the line of manifestation and the spirit comes first. Take care of your spirit and the physical will follow, not the other way round. The order of manifestation is spirit (frequency), soul (emotion)and deed/action (physical).

When I say detach from your physical family, it may not be physical first. Remember the mind comes first and the body follows. Change the way you think and feel around them and slowly but surely a physical manifestation will manifest where the body leaves. Also, when you change the way you think and feel, you start to manifest your real family that continue to get you out of a spiritually messed up space.

To conclude, your physical family manifested in your life because of a previous life contract. If all you are experiencing is trial and tribulations that makes you physically and spiritually messed up, then they aren’t your spiritual family. So, change your feelings and emotions around them first and the physical (body) will follow. As the saying goes, when the mind leaves, the body eventually follows.

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