Imagination – How to Switch on Our Light Bulb Moments.

Imagination – How to Switch on Our Light Bulb Moments.

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How to switch on  your potential!


“Once upon a time I strayed far from home, way into the deep woods; I found myself wondering if I will ever make it home. With no hope at all, I was left to ponder my thoughts, I headed inwards. Where imagination surpasses the environment. But why did I wait to be desperate in order to tap into my potential? The pool of my power!”

Imagination is like an endless loop waiting to be tapped in, our brains are like radio receivers. Just like a radio gets a signal and relays it in what we hear so does the brain. We have untapped sources within us, but we can only access these resources through opening up the receptors.

Receptor used here in a sense of our potential to respond to external stimuli.

How can we extend our receptors’ potential ?

It all starts with curiosity and intrigue but the following ways will accelerate the process that has commenced with a little help from our friend – curiosity.

 Diet and Exercise

You are what you eat to a certain extent. With the current conditioning rife with junk, generations are being denied to reach optimum potential. For example, the current high fat and salt food content on the market. Affects the brain in ways we cannot begin to imagine.

Mind and body wellness


This goes a long way to self-care in calming mainly your mind so that your body can be centered. This could be by practicing yoga as an exercise or meditation. It could be guided or self-directed meditation or yoga at home.

How does meditation calm your mind? I have found this article below a quick and easy explanation.


Reading has the potential to improve someone’s general perspective to life. In fact, the only educational facilities we need are open libraries. As in the Roalh Dahl children classic `Matilda’, the little girl educates herself through a library. There is something to be said for people picking and choosing to read exactly what they like at any given time.

Reading expands minds more than classroom ever will. I am a very good example of this, I was educated in a system where the teacher knew everything, as if knowledge was downloadable from a single mind. This locked me on a knowledge quest as my frustration grew on how little the so called masters knew. Scientifically minded and educated, I have gone full circle to loving writing and words. This has been purely through reading and slowly opening up my perspective on how the words spoke to me. My family are so surprised by this change. But I always tell them that may be I have always been this way; I was just never allowed to exhibit this part of me – just like Matilda.


 Creative work

This is one of the best ways to expand your imagination quickly, for to be creative; you have to tap in a stream of different whirl pools that nurture the craft. This is well documented in the case of artists such as Shakespeare, Picasso and Mozart.

The mind has to be off the local lines for someone to create. In other words, if you are writing, your mind has to be off the local grid for you to find inspiration that ignites the spark.

One of my favorite saying is that `Beyond your waking mind lies the key to your potential’. So wake up to your potential, it is just beyond your mind chatter.

I love you




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