Are you in a state of loneliness or aloneness?

Are you in a state of loneliness or aloneness?

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The difference between loneliness and aloneness

loneliness Vs aloneness

Aloneness in bliss or loneliness in pain?

Captured by their imagination, kids tend to thrive in a world of aloneness. Happy to be in their own company loneliness is a term yet unknown. They seem to be in a state of continuous abundant joy and bliss. A state many adults spend most of their lives seeking. But what happens when the children grow up? Why do we come from a state of bliss as children only to seek bliss in our adulthood. Let us take a closer look at the meaning of aloneness and loneliness.


A state of lightness in aloneness

Aloneness is your Budhahood!

In aloneness, you are fulfilled, nobody is needed to make you whole – you’re enough. In this state, one is overflowing with joy and love. They are fully alive in their being and a constant shadow of celebration follows them. We are all born in a state of aloneness but due to different conditioning models; we slowly lose this state. If you observe children, they only seek what they need for their emotional wellbeing. They’re generally happy to explore and wonder with a sense of awe in their environments.


Loneliness is Heavy

Loneliness is a cause of pain

In a state of loneliness, one has a sense of something missing to make them complete. They carry around an air of self absence, in a way they are waiting for the other to fulfil them. Looking for fulfilment in the other when you yourself are not fulfilled is looking for double unfulfilment. It is then not surprising that loneliness is usually accompanied by pain and sometimes depression. The differences are evident in their weight alone. One in loneliness carries a heavy weight around their shoulders and on the other scale, one in aloneness is as light as a feather.

How does one come from loneliness to aloneness?

There are no short cuts but a daily dose of meditation will eventually lead one to a state of aloneness. Meditation is the quickest way for anyone to return to their childhood innocence. It is through this innocence that one can experience life. Because the joy and bliss in aloneness is a product of leaving in the moment, one is able to flow in the full flux of life.

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