Innocence verses Experience

Innocence verses Experience

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Innocence Vs Experience

What innocence seeks in experience

Innocence and experience have always been on the balancing scales of duality. But what can you learn from either of them? In a baby’s eyes you can understand the nature of reality. Their clarity always begs for a second look. Transforming you in that moment. But do you ever explore this clarity? What happens when experience built in the loins of conditioning takes a hammer at innocence? Do you ever question the purpose of your conditioning?


Innocence is like a virgin forest creeping with fresh undergrowth. Until trodden on, it stays young and fresh by nature’s hand. You were once like this virgin forest. But the ways of society had to take over for your very existence. This is where conditioning takes hold. Even if you had to be schooled in the ways of society, you did not have to become them. Instead of using the text book for your own survival, you have used it against yourself. With your innocence eroded in the paths of conditioning, you have lost the wonder and awe of life. How can you explore your existence without the tool kit to do so?


You are told experience comes with age, but is this true? Doesn’t it come with understanding? In the world where jobs are awarded to those who have given their time in exchange of their skills; experience comes with time. But in the world of compassion and love, experience comes with understanding. A childlike innocence grants you the gift of compassion and love, and therefore understanding. This is what experience is all about.

In conclusion, balance is needed between the two, you may never grow in experience if your innocence is not trained in the ways of love. Only a man of understanding can lead a balanced life. It is time you found your balance.

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