Is Happiness a Choice?

Is Happiness a Choice?

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Is Happiness a Choice

What has Choice got to do with Happiness?

If happiness was a pill, would you take it willingly? You have always defined it according to your ideas based on your conditioning model. If you are born in a Christian family, being happy may look like a day at the church. But if you are born in an atheist family, that may seem like torture. Your conditioning may have put you in boxes of limitations, limitations that define your happiness. But  isn’t it time you broke out of these boxes and explored what being happy may mean for you?

A scientific Solution to Happiness

According to scientific research, happiness is not only a choice but also ingrained in your very nature. Explained in Einstein’s early work; everything is energy. According to the energy mass, speed of light (thought level) equation, you decide what happens at a particle level. However, it may not be you making these decisions as your conditioning plays a major role in interfering with your decisions. Once you come to understand the way energy works and that you yourself are condensed energy (matter). You start being the architect of your happiness – not your conditioning.

Before you go anywhere, have you searched within?

Having explored this energy phenomenon in the book, “Is Happiness a Choice?”; it is evident that we are not aware of our potential. Not only is your potential hidden in conditioning but also in your lack of awareness. People have been known to go to extreme lengths such as leaving their families to search for themselves in the Himalayas or monasteries. But what they are really searching for is happiness; a natural state of bliss and ecstasy. But is it necessary to go to the Himalayas when what you are searching for is right where you are?

Happiness being a state means that it can never be attained. It already exists within you! Anyone who tells you otherwise is either blind or intent on lying. The evidence is in children or pets who are happy and blissful in nature. They are already are and so are you. Just drop your conditioning through awareness and happiness will follow like a shadow. Get your free copy here.

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