Isn’t it About Time You Dropped Fear?

Isn’t it About Time You Dropped Fear?

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Fear no more

Where does your fear come from?

How the reins of fear incapacitate you


I linger through the darkness, only to find that I am still standing intact in a fear drenched sweat. I wonder through a spiral of energy coursing through my spine. Energy that mirrors the emotions of a hopeless situation. For in this state I have given my power to fear.

What I fail to recognise is that the cause of this ailment is separation/ego. While my sweat fuses the nerves to an ice-cold stiffness. There is nothing left for me to do but surrender. But surrender is a dirty word in the 3D realm of control. The question is, do I give in to fear or surrender to the unknown?

With my ego intact, I am never far from the company of my mind. A whirling pool of fear-based thoughts course their way into a river of emotions. Not ever knowing why I cry or laugh, the keys to my jail are manufactured within. The energy that supports this emotional flow is hidden in the depth of my subconscious memory.

But the sad fact is, I don’t even own what is in my memory bank. Brought up to follow orders and depend on those who deem themselves worthy of this status, I am not the only one looking for a template out of this fear.


But the truth of the matter is that I am the only one who can resolve the situation. No one can reach the depths of my memory but me. Like all other emotions, fear depends on a sophisticated conditioning model handed down through generations. However, this does not mean that the capability to undo the conditioning isn’t easy. All it takes is commitment to the task. But don’t expect to undo years of conditioning overnight.

Just like it took years to formulate this way of life, patience is a requirement to undo it. The work largely depends on your commitment and the type of person you are. Given that fear is usually the first obstacle you come across in this work, it is important to seek help from any one who is experienced to get you at least over the first hurdle.


That said, hurdles are made for jumping over! I encourage you to dive in the depths of fear and go for the first hurdle. Whether you make it over or not is irrelevant, the courage to start is already a victory. Remember fear is always for the unknown projected in the future based on past experiences. This work teaches you to stay in the moment where there is neither future nor past but just the Eternal moment of now.


To Your Journey into Self Exploration

Enjoy your search!



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