The Devil in the Detail in Life’s Paradoxes

 The Devil in the Detail in Life’s Paradoxes

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Paradoxes are scale in balance.

What are paradoxes without two sides.


The Sadistic nature  of life induced by your misunderstanding of its paradoxes


Paradoxes are a way of life but deemed are the paths upon your hazy eyes, you see it all yet you see it not. In the unusual is hidden the usual yet familiarity begs the eye to flaunt its mask. It is no wonder that life takes us to dizzy heights and down again. In learning the rhythms, all falls in unison.

The last two days have been blanketed in snow here in the South of England. Having last snowed five years ago, snow is a rare event in these parts. Rare it may be but not rare is the response towards adverse weather. With impassable roads, not only are schools closed but airports too. Not surprising, only essential travel is warranted at best. But in all this seemingly chaotic dance as the media may say, is an order of sorts only kids know. They have an intuitive understanding of the paradoxes in life.

Innocence wins over experience

With sledges in tow and innocent glee, the children were ripe with play. Accompanying ground hugged in snow as far as the eye can see, they were spoilt for choice for the slice of their sledges. Not surprising, the parks won the day with open space and sunshine glow that kept them warm. Even in the snow they sort the sun to revive the paradoxes that balance nature.

Slang to the back, I chose to take the car, my adult closet was my open prison. I thought I knew best in driving to the park but I didn’t get far on unchained wheels. The car danced and skidded on the ice, my raving mind was numbed in a clam. I had driven in snow before so I thought I knew it all. Knowing it all is the ego’s perilous road to hide the paradoxes as you strive to hide your ignorance in memory grinds.


A friendly universe

As if the universe had a lesson in this experience, the car behind me stopped to help. In a family of four, a father and two sons came to my rescue. His intention was to turn my car around back on to the main road. But funny is life as the driver behind him had the same thought with less patience. With patience and impatience’s meeting set, the arrows were thrown with the paradoxes bending the egos bow.

This driver’s impatience spun him round as he skidded his car towards my side. Needless to say, my hero of the hour wasn’t having his work undone. He jumped out of my car with the authority of a warrior and demanded an explanation in the impatience of this man. He was late for work he asserted his right and before I knew their tongues were entangled in a snare of curses. I looked on as a passer-by for my hero was willing to climb heights for me beyond my belief. An observer I was in the spit of their fire while I watched the paradoxes play out their course.

The hero’s fire is in the ice of his foe

My hero’s furry was pungent with an air of revenge, his language full of profanities but it all made for more sport as the other guy began to melt under his fire. They say that the middle of fire is always cold but who knows the truth unless you have touched the dragon’s tongue. Apologies awarded my hero was calm and ready to resume his work. But as if he had forgotten his family, he drove me home like a royal maid. My confusion was apparent in a puzzled face.

Even though my house was only less than half a mile away, I struggled to understand his unusual extension in a helping hand. I am still in awe at the hidden universal hand as I continue to learn that life is an existential work fleeting in paradoxes. Now you see it, now you don’t. The snow is here to bring a chill but the chill to the wind evokes a fire. For what is hot without the reference to cold?


So many layers paly out in life but what is unseen is never given credit. To say it best the children really never wanted me to make it to the park as their threshold to the chill is higher than mine. Instead of the three hours they spent in the park, my misery hand was crafting a plan to cut it in half. I now respect that their intuitive strength must have played a card. But with my ego bruised, I hinted that the little devils were underhanded but who was planning to thaw the rare party?

I wish you well in all that you do but most of all I urge you to seek understanding of the paradoxes in life. They are the bread and butter of not only your five-sensory realm but also your being. Understand them and live whole!


To Happy Seeking!


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