Living with a Positive Attitude

Living with a Positive Attitude

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Where a positive attitude resides.

Come to a positive attitude.

What is a positive attitude?

A positive attitude is the mother of all manifestations. Having one is like a loaded gun ready to fire anytime at a single command. This attitude attracts people to you like a magnet. Just experiment smiling and guess what; you get a smile back. People with this attitude are driven by thoughts transmitted into faith, desire, focus and higher intelligence hence living their purpose. They educate themselves to know enough about evolution of knowledge and regularly try to update this knowledge. They understand the importance of acquiring wisdom in different ways hence maintaining a positive attitude.

You can acquire a positive attitude by usually starting with the obvious like changing your circle of friends, letting go of the past, using positive affirmations and beginning the journey of awareness through meditation or other ways. However a few points below are not normally emphasized.

Do not attach so much meaning to things/situations

People with a positive attitude have preferences but not meaning because it is this attachment that causes a lot of pain and hence drag you both physically and emotionally down. Remember things, situations and people are all neutral but it is the meaning we attach to them that makes them look good or bad. The next time you are faced with a challenge, picture a blank canvas with you holding a brush. Choose the paint according to how you want to feel. This type of positive attitude will lead you to greater things. Napoleon Hill wrote ` I am the master of my fate, the architect of my soul` Therefore there is no excuse for your suffering if you can change it with a positive attitude.

Change your surroundings

If you are to maintain a positive attitude, your spouse, friends, community have to be that way. I was once listening to Bob Proctor and he said that if you took the income of all the people around you (meaning your friends and spouse for example) and you average it out; you will find it is very close to yours. To change that you need to start hanging out with high earners and you will notice the difference. It rubs off on you and you can even try this with other areas of life. People with a positive attitude attract like minded people. So choose carefully who you invite in your life.

Live with a purpose

Find out what makes you tick (what you are passionate about). Usually this is something you find yourself doing in your spare time. Look at this in a different perspective and start serving others in that area. Time is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. This will make you grow in character and is one of the sustainable ways of keeping a positive attitude.

People with a positive attitude a far more successful than those with a negative attitude. It is worthwhile to invest in a positive attitude in order to improve your chances in all areas of life. For information on how to gain a positive attitude, visit us here.

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