Long for the Impossible Through Creativity

Long for the Impossible Through Creativity

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Discover who you are through creativity.

How your creativity comes from your longing

I was listening to Osho when he struck a code by saying, “Long for the Impossible”. What did he mean? You are accustomed to how the physical works, in fact you are an expert in the physical realm. But what if I told you the creative realm is the spiritual realm? What Osho meant is taking a leap from the physical/material realm to the non-physical/immaterial creative realm.

We are in the age of spirituality and we all have to take this leap now. As the world around us is changing, we must adopt to the immaterial. And since the immaterial realm is the creative realm, it means we are all supposed to be in touch with our creative natures to help the planet transcend the physical realm.

Value in creativity

What you haven’t come to understand is that your creativity is about to become the currency on the planet. Before the spiritual movement, life was backed by time spent working for someone else. Now times are changing, you will be backed by your creativity.

And here is where the impossible comes in, in order to access your creativity, you have to jump in the spiritual realm. Move from the material to the immaterial, which is more difficult than it sounds. It is like being born again, so to speak, what the Christians term as the “born again”. The process you have to undergo for this rebirth is almost like a death in itself. This is why Osho says “Long for the impossible”.

You have heard of Rumi describe the process as a death, the pain of longing was expanded within his soul. He felt as if he was on the verge of total destruction. It was as if the process couldn’t take place unless there was complete annihilation. But it is this annihilation that created all the poetry we love in Rumi. So, dare join him by longing for the impossible – enlightenment.

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