Misery – The Hidden Hand of the Miser Within

Misery – The Hidden Hand of the Miser Within

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Truth behind misery

What misery hides!


How the Ego plays duality into your misery.

The play on words is rooted in language and as you may know language is the basic tool of the ego. With misery at its bow, it dances the jig because who bothers to see the connection between the words miser and misery.

This morning though I was hard at work as I saw my hidden hand in the misery at play. I saw a miser with one hand at the back and putting out the other like a joker would do. With one hand behind at will, I have been cheating life whose generosity plays all its cards. But the root is deep and the poison is raw as language twists a snare on our tongues.


The miser in me saw the greed in the banks with the two intertwined with a vine of duality. Misery in tow, I struggled to see that paradox is a way to fully live. To see the banks my eyes had to peer not only hard at them but at my own hoard of what I had hidden.

The banks worked hard with usury attached to force my resolve to watch the mirror at play. Too busy playing the victim, I looked the other way missing the fundamental lesson of life; all is one. Einstein tried hard to educate us all in his law of relativity but who cares to relate. Broken down, it is the law of perspective; you only see that which vibrates within you.


But the trickster the ego always is, it is hard to see life at play. The jailer is tied to the jailed as he has to keep watch. If you look deeper both are jailed but both are blind to this truth. This is the depth of life and since unseen the root of all misery. A miser holds back in sharing in life because they have been `wronged’ as they perceive it so.

With this perception of wrong verses the wronged we all brew in misery’s stew. The stew simmers with a serpent’s head ready to strike if you open its lid. But the lid knows the contents of the stew and soon reveals its true contents. The truth is there is no serpent in wait but only the one you perceive to be. To tame your misery, face your hidden hand in life’s play.


We’re all at will but knowing it not we brew such a stew. Meditation is a tool that can award you bravery to open the lid. Paradoxes are imbedded in life; duality is its face. Without understanding this, the banks will still exist, governments will still govern……hence the straw that feeds your misery grows longer as the miser within refuses to see.

I wish you all well as you take the plunge within your own depths, it is the only way to welcome life. The abyss is scary but so is the constant misery that haunts every minute and hour of your existence. Happiness is your basic nature, misery is an imposter to walk you to it. Now you see the paradoxes at play. They are complementary, the contradictions are ego’s game!

Be brave!

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