The Proof is in the Choice of your Pudding

The Proof is in the Choice of your Pudding

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Life is a choice

Take your power of choice

How to navigate life with your power of choice


Baked with love, seasoned with time, a true pudding can always be traced back to its maker. Whether you buy yours in a shop or you make it at home, the choice you make says more about you than the pudding. And this is where we get in the twist with a simple word, `choice’.

Now I am not here to discuss puddings, but the metaphor is important to your understanding of how you have chosen the events in your life. Some may call it perspective, which is the way you view events around you that derive from the choices you make. But it all goes back to the power of choice. For how can you make affirmative choices with negativity in your surroundings?

The saying, `Birds of the same feathers fly together’ not only calls for deeper soul searching but also a personal health check of your environment and the people you keep company. In other words, the circumstances that keep manifesting in your life are due to the frequency you are putting out in the universe.

Everything is a Frequency

We all know that everything is frequency, a form of vibration that is sent out with your thought patterns or lack of them. If you keep manifesting negative circumstances, that is the frequency of what you are putting out. You therefore need to spring clean your wardrobe and remove all those people that are counterproductive to your power of choice.

The best way to see your frequency in action is watching how you think about people or events. You always have a choice to view what is presented to you as positive or negative. Because the universe doesn’t separate things in human boxes of `good’ or `bad’, what you put out is what you get. If you understood the way the universe works, you will switch to a happy high vibration place and people today.

Happy is the language of the universe, that does not mean that the universe choses `good’ over `bad’; it simply means that it doesn’t know negation in choice. Negating anything is lowering the happy vibration and hence you receive the lower vibration of that which you want.

Take your power back

This is harder to understand as we are surrounded by negative input. This input comes through media, education… which condition you in fear, desire… which in turn causes your vibration from `havingness’ to that of lack. It is this lack that you keep putting out in the universe and hence the circle of manifesting negative choices repeats itself all the time.

Simply put, your thoughts govern the power of your choice which have their origins from your environment (conditioning). To change anything outside you is impossible without changing yourself first. It is therefore imperative to begin with your immediate circle of friends, family, environment…… Once you have stemmed off the negative flow from them, begin to observe what you need to work on in yourself to raise your vibration to a happy free you. Choice is your birth right!


To Your Journey into Self Exploration!

Enjoy your Search!



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