Stop Looking Outside yourself for Solutions that are Inside

Stop Looking Outside yourself for Solutions that are Inside

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Look inside not outside

Search inside not outside


Why you keep looking outside yourself for solutions within your grasp

These are the days where solutions to all your problems are believed to be outside yourself. While social media plays a major part in this fallacy, there are many other ways you have been seeking outside yourself rather than inside.

With millions of people at a push of a button, this is an inevitable outcome. While the advantages of this connection are many, the disadvantages seem to out weigh them at the moment.

Even though the internet may be blamed for this problem, this is an age-old problem. A closer look at all the different conditioning modules shows that you are trained to search outside yourself rather than inside.



Right from infancy, a child is taught to look for solutions outside themselves. A child’s sense of wonder is quickly raped by those who deem themselves in the know. With text books shaved down their throats, a child learns that to survive, they have to learn to cram.

Without understanding what they are being taught at the rate that it is being taught, education becomes a means of schooling children in the art of job getting.

Furthermore, with a competitive edge awarded to those who hold whole encyclopaedias in their minds; it is no wonder that the whole world is looking for solutions outside themselves.



With power acquisition at the centre of politics, looking outside yourself for solutions serves the political narrative. Politicians only exist because you believe that they are the solution to all your problems. With power to use all the available media, tools…to reach your subconscious mind, they use everything at their disposal to achieve their ego centric goals.

It is therefore not surprising that education is the first tool of choice used against the innocence of a child. Because children are fast learners, it is vital for any government to apply the whip of conditioning sooner rather than later. By seven years of age, a child will be beyond the boundaries of conditioning. With no outside influence, this will enable them (children) to look inside themselves for answers. And that does not serve any politician, does it?


Organised Religion

Most organised religious groups base their beliefs on a higher figure that will exercise retribution for any `wrong’ doing. This certainly ensures that the first requirement for any member is to look outside themselves for solutions. To look up to this figure for solutions to any of their problems.

Fear is the weapon of choice against unsuspecting worshipers. This higher figure is capable of exercising vengeance indiscriminately. It is therefore not surprising when you see the power organised religion has over people.

To make matters worse, organised religion targets mostly the poor as they are easy prey for the message of fear. Instead of providing solutions, they are driven further into poverty. This creates the dependant versus the depended upon polarity which incapacitates these people. They go further and further from themselves by looking outside themselves for solutions. With no freedom to choose their beliefs, there is no responsibility for their actions.


I could go on and on about why you look outside yourself for solutions that are inside. But will it help if you knew that this is the cause of all the misery in your life?

Will it help if you knew that getting even isn’t the solution but lifting yourself out of this dependency? Take responsibility today and begin your inside journey. This is your birth right!


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