What is the Secret Key to your happiness

What is the Secret Key to your happiness

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Secret to happiness.

What is the secret to happiness?


How you can start claiming your birth right to happiness.

`Happiness is your birth right!’ Born pure and innocent, you knew nothing of misery. But like an alien feeling, misery haunts your everyday existence. A constant winter has descended on your being since you began to understand this world. It is therefore not surprising that the most intense search in this world is of happiness. The search takes different forms for different people depending on conditioning. Whether your search is in academic halls or in churches; the search for happiness remains the same. Eventually, you will reach a pinnacle for this search in which you will resign to your condition. For those at this stage of your lives, I am here to tell that there is one place you have not searched yet. Yourself!

In this search, you are normally given the tools of outside engagement at birth. You know everything (or you think you know) knowledge has to offer but you know nothing about yourself. This is the real dis-ease of all humanity! You are schooled in the ways of the outside world but not the inside world. It is not surprising that there is an epidemic of unhappiness. True happiness requires two main aspects from you:


Happiness is a personal affair, it does not come in a crowd. You can have the whole world as your friends and still be the unhappiest person in the world. Your individuality comes with the willingness to stand up for what makes you happy. Your individuality is what separates you from the crowd. To keep pleasing others in order to stay in the crowd is to give up your birth right to happiness. Gradually the crowd gets larger and larger but your being shrinks in lonely darkness. In this way, you have killed the very happiness you are searching for.


Happiness comes with personal responsibility. But to be responsible is to live according to your individuality. This is a tricky one because you can’t have one without the other.  And this is where your unhappiness began. The responsibility to your parents’/carers’ approval, teachers’ expectations…. Has rendered you responsible for others but not for yourself. How can you be happy when you are not even responsible for yourself? Responsibility is a higher value that will lead you to happiness. What quality of happiness can you give others when you yourself are not happy?


In this game of life, one has to roll the dice to individuality and responsibility for the game to continue. To play fully, you have to be at your optimum potential. This potential starts with happiness and from this you can love. I encourage you to start your inside search for happiness today.

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