The Busyness of Negative Thought Patterns

The Busyness of Negative Thought Patterns

Negative thought patterns mock

What negative thought patterns mean.

Pitfalls of negative thought patterns

Negative thought patterns are like a traffic jam; the road is blocked, no where to go but some drivers are still infiltrating lanes. Imagine this jam being your thoughts in your mind! Well that is exactly how these thought patterns block our thinking capacity and often few useful thoughts can fight their way through. Negative decisions are easier to make as so much effort is required to make positive ones. The need to improve is very negligible and goal setting is not an option.  People can be crippled by these thoughts as you will notice in my story. Negative thought patterns can cause mental health illness and other illnesses.

I used to live with negative thought patterns and they are affected me in numerous ways but one example stands out.

4 years ago I embarked on acquiring a driving licence; with no confidence and self love I rang number after number looking for a driving instructor. I finally got one that was to cost me about $40 per hour. The first time I sat in the instructor’s car, I was told work had to be done on my confidence levels for it would take me a long time if I did not. Imagine he sensed it before I even held a steering wheel! Was it that bad? With my negative thought patterns I did not understand what the instructor meant so I took it personally.

After paying him for 20 lessons, he noticed I was going no where with my negative thought patterns that caused luck of confidence and sometimes a bad attitude. He told me he was moving area and that I was to find another instructor. To cut the long story short, every time I changed the instructor and it did not work; in my mind it was their faults not mine. Well that will resonate with a lot of you out there where none of what happens to you in life is your fault but someone else’s. Negative thought patterns are like parasites feeding on you constantly. The first stage is acceptance and then the healing commences.

The eyes that refuse to see

As for me, there was no acceptance for another 3 years. Yeah, I kept paying all that money for four years just because I did not recognise that it was my negative thought patterns that stood in my way. I sat 7 tests and similarly during the test, my mind would be busy thinking of what he/she thought of me rather than my driving skills. And the test instructors are usually very professional people who gave nothing away during the test. You have no idea whether you have passed or failed until the end. At one point I was failed for starting a manoeuvre without a hand brake. Yes, I forgot that in the test because my mind was so busy with negative thought patterns exacerbated by lack of confidence.

I finally faced up to my demons because I could no longer sustain the weekly payments and it was causing other family challenges. Once I came to terms with the fact that it was the negative thought patterns rather than events else where; I started working on finding the causes that rooted down in my subconscious mind. I found out that as a little girl I had picked up un- resourceful thinking about myself that gave me ideas of who I thought I was. It is this thinking that manifested it ‘self in every thing that I did, this was self sabotaging thinking and I know acknowledging it was just the tip of the iceberg. To rid myself of the negative thought patterns work on myself had to become of priority.

Look for the people in the same tune

The last driving instructor who passed me never saw any sign of negative thought patterns as I was in tune with her at all times. I noticed how lovely she was because I was open to receive from her rather than closed and trying to influence events. Every time I felt I was not sure of what was going on; I inquired from her because after all she was paid to do just that. I did not feel the need to know it all or be perfect in any way. At the 7th test I did every thing perfectly having only 2 minor marks out of the possible 10. On the 6 occasions I did not pass, I collected about 8 minors and about 2 dangerous faults which was always an automatic fail. If I can do it, everyone has the ability to rid themselves of the self sabotaging negative thought patterns. Begin with acceptance and that alone will be a relief.

Negative thought patterns can be lethal in the way that can lead to illnesses and a life of misery. A way has been tried and tested to rid yourself of them using a free video that shows you a trick that is new. You owe it to yourself to try and stop the crippling negative thought patterns. Visit us here to find out more.

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