The Difference Between Creativity from Meditation and Mind

The Difference Between Creativity from Meditation and Mind

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Why Creativity is Painful in the West

Creativity is Rebellion

Creativity is of no-mind!


Creativity is an abundant river

Flowing through every vein

Why then the fuss of this painful endeavour

Don’t you know that you and I are doomed without it?





It is time we all took up our posts in the line of creativity. Coming from a long line of school indoctrinates, we are all debilitated in this field, why?

Rather than being taught how to meditate, we have been taught to work from the mind. Mind is effective if you are trading in the commerce world but useless in the field of meditation from which creativity arises.

Commercial meditation

One of the biggest problems in modern day meditation is that it is commercial. From yoga to dynamic meditation, it has all been taken to the market and hence lost the prior meaning of meditation. In the market world, meditation is taught from the mind which creates a painful experience without creativity.

Now the difference between creativity from mind and meditation is that mind creates pain. This pain arises from limitations set in the society boundaries of what a creator is. And the very fabric of creativity in the West is from the mind hence lacking in meditation which is of no-mind.

Creativity through force

Many creators in the West create through force. We have all experienced reality talent shows where people who haven’t worked at their craft are given binding contracts. These contracts contract/death the creator instead of expansion/birth. Were it not to be forced, the creators would expand like a pregnancy that only births its creation through joyful pain.

Because of the force, contracts… which create death like pain, many creators in the west end up in psychiatric care. Mind has limits and no sooner those limits get pushed the sooner the creator starts to exhibit stress which results in unproductive pain on medication instead of creativity by meditation.

Why the East fairs better than the West

In the Eastern countries such as India, the reverse is true, creativity is birthed out of meditation. There is no society pressure creating external demands to influence the meditator. Theirs is a path to self-exploration that isn’t influenced by commerce. For the West the creator is deemed productive by the amount of money they make from their creativity. On the contrary in the East, the creator is deemed successful by the amount of people they bring to meditation, for example Rumi.

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