The Misconception of Self Help

The Misconception of Self Help

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Self help misconceptions

What is self help?

Over the last five months I discovered I needed some improvements in my life. So I embarked on the journey to acquire what I thought was missing in my life. I came across meditation as my first port of call and the teachers emphasized that attachment to results is the root cause of all misery, at first I thought that is crazy, of course I have to be attached to something that has meaning to me. Was I right? Well I was dead wrong? Self help is no help at all. In fact it keeps us stuck in things we would rather not take part in because we are so attached and we think we can control everything.

These are the concepts that have set me free in my quest for answers in self help.

We should never indulge in self, instead open up to what is around you and serve any way you know how. That way you get the healing, manifestations and purpose.

Well the universe/God is very unique and complex and certainly all the great books describe the universe/God as pure love. Well just for a moment imagine you were God would you listen to the I want requests without people being aware, graceful, humble and being conscious. And for those of you who are parents you know you will give in to about two I wants and certainly start thinking how ungrateful the kids are getting therefore put some constraints like reward systems to teach them the right lessons. In self help the emphasis is on self forgetting that we are all connected, one in God is misleading. Also remember to include some good works on your vision board because it is not totally about you.

What part does the ego play?

What I have also learnt that we all have an EGO and the strength of it depends on the stage of development. According to Wayne Dyer, EGO stands to Edging God Out. This is one that I am particularly interested in because I had a big EGO before I came to this journey. Its me that knew better, more and hey I had learnt all I had to learn. Very wrong, we never stop learning and we should make it our life goal to acquire knowledge and turn it into wisdom. The Ego stands in the way of everything and if you are like me who thought self help was help you need to think twice. Until I became honest with who I was and was willing to acknowledge that I did not know anything at all, I started being liberated.

The challenge is in the self help industry is honesty, you go to a positive thinking seminar and you are told thats all you need. You are wondering why you have not manifested your vision board from last year. The truth is if you are attached there will be no results, you need to surrender to a higher power and give away control in trust. Meditation teaches this concept brilliantly but most leaders who are honest in their teaching will tell you. When you learn this concept problems become challenges giving you opportunities to grow. Self help that detaches you from your creative power is no help!

Get unstuck by ditching self help for something that works. Christ said the truth will set you free. If you have been on the path of discovery to no avail, attending seminar after seminar and no results: I have been there jumping on the next big thing. The truth is setting me free slowly and I would like to guide others.

We are hoping to introduce a discussion board to discuss different books that we will provide on our website. The intention is that you will discover that self help has never been encouraged by all the great writers.

From my life’s experiences I write and enjoy the subject of how the mind works. It is our self limitations that hold us where we would rather not be. Find out more here

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