The Power of Care: how it is related to Cancer

The Power of Care: how it is related to Cancer

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To care is to share

Care comes form within the depth of the heart.

What if the only dis-ease on our planet was lack of Care?

If you care, wouldn’t you feel the need to share? If the zodiac sign for care is Cancer, does that reveal the reason we don’t care to share? Cancer is a dis-ease and the Zodiac sign of Cancer is a water sign that is ruled by the moon (emotions and feelings). Furthermore, Cancer(care) is the heart space. Why did the name of a dis-ease become the name of the heart/emotions and feelings? And if Cancer is a name of a Zodiac sign that represents our mother/care, why is it that the only content that comes up on the name is a dis-ease? Is this the state of our mother on planet Earth/heart??

To unpack this confusion, we must unpack the reasons behind the names. Names are sound resonance frequencies that become manifest whenever we speak the words. For us to call care(moon/mother/heart/earth) the same name of a supposedly an incurable dis-ease that requires radiation which kills the cells in the process; is a big problem. If you call your mother cancer, what’s to say of the state of your being? Mother is a care energy that nurtures and shares. So why do we call our mothers/heart/moon/care Cancer?

Opposite flow of Care

Cancer/care is a water sign that is opposite to Earth sign Capricorn. Because we live in a materialistic world, the powers that be pull the opposite energies of Capricorn, the boss in Baphomet (which is a morphed version of the union between the divine masculine and divine feminine). Because Saturn (ruler of reality, boundaries and restrictions) rules Capricorn, the inversion plays out in those who don’t want to work to the boundaries and restrictions, doing rituals to pull the energies in the inversion and reap the fruits of everyone’s labour. Hence the corporations and their bosses that never do a day’s work yet benefit off your sweat.

How to Manifest

To manifest anything, you need to think first (Fire), then feel that thought in your emotions and feelings (Water) and a combination of Air (communicating your thought and emotion) bring your manifestation to Earth. The corporations use our fire (in what we feed our thoughts in either TV programs or…), then we feel a certain way about say a program such as “The Kardashians”. We start to bring that into Air by communicating/talking (and the word became manifest) it to our friends, family, social media… about the program and boom! They keep manifesting this program into fruition while you keep working at the same job. That fruit is off your tree – take it back!

Sign of cancer (♋️)

The sign of cancer/care is yin and yang and it’s represented by the crab. In being yin and yang (divine masculine and divine feminine) and Capricorn being Baphomet (which represents both divine counterparts). Both signs play out as yang in the materialist world as the energies are inverted by those who seek self-service. For in Capricorn being an Earth sign (outside/yang feminine) and Cancer/care being a Water sign (inside/yin feminine), the inversion forces the yin/inside sign of cancer/care to manifest outside as yang and hence the birth of Cancer the dis-ease – the water is frozen hence death is manifest. Your internal world is pushed external – you are now an extra-terrestrial being not intra -terrestrial being.

Side effects of materialism

This plays out in our lives as Oceans being full of rubbish due to the over emphasis of leading materialist lives as opposed to yin/water/emotions and feelings/care which we term as; spirituality. Instead of being influenced by our internal emotions and feelings in Cancer/care/heart to come to conclusions to what our external needs may be in Capricorn, we are forced to feed the machine outside ourselves that cares not for the rubbish it keeps pilling around our heart/space. With Marine life ever more at risk, the crab is but a sign in cancer/care. Its daily struggle for a habitat is evident in the species getting extinct every day.

Planting the seeds of Care

With whales beaching around the world, the mockery of our care is plain to see. For the lies we tell ourselves will come to light. Whether you love shopping for sport or eating without hunger, when it all comes around; we are all gong to pay for the consequences of our lack of care. If we can’t share this beautiful planet, then what can we share? We all must grow up and take the reins back from the power of greed that suckles our mother dry. We must stop playing their game, the game of going into the feminine and raping the womb in a continuous attempt to hold on to the now pilled stench of materialism. In cleaning up the heart space, the feminine is born and in this the mother turns Cancer the dis-ease into Care that nurtures in the womb.

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