The Power of your Mother

The Power of your Mother

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Your creativity comes from feminine DNA just as you trials and tribulations do.

Exploring the value of mitochondria DNA

The mother is the concentration of the feminine energy. This means that when you are born on this feminine earth plain, you will take on mostly the mother’s attributes to survive.

In the balance of yin and yang (masculine and feminine) father and mother are both crucial for balance. But on this plain, the mother DNA (mitochondria) creates the basis of your being while the father creates the central pillar of your mind.

This mitochondria DNA may appear as a generational curse if the lineage of your mother has experienced trials and tribulations. When I say mother, I also refer to the father feminine part – after all men are also born by mothers. Their mitochondria DNA affects them just as well as they affect their off spring – you. Though the main influence will come via your mother, grandmother lineage. For example, if your grandmother or mother was an alcoholic, this tendency to abuse alcohol may manifest through you directly or indirectly. Directly, by you doing the same or indirectly by you avoiding alcohol. In both cases the mitochondria DNA is at play because avoidance is a form of care. And what you care for and give attention grows.

Complications arise in the power of your mother due to carrying a female vessel. Therein she carries the potential for your creativity. Since creativity is of the feminine nature the mother DNA will determine your soul course. This means that since creativity/individuality has been limited on this plain, the DNA of the divine feminine was cut off. And with that limited DNA came generations of mothers giving birth to children with no individuality/creativity. Since the feminine within the mothers or fathers hadn’t expressed any creativity in the last 2000 years – you couldn’t create either.

As the planet is at the time of waking up, she is finally giving birth to children who can create. This is the time to express her feminine quality through any art. And she expresses herself through you. Therefore, pick up a paint brush, an instrument, a pen etc. and start to express this feminine quality that is being birthed. This is how you expand your soul or birth it – through creativity.

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