The Power Of a Positive Mindset

The Power Of a Positive Mindset

A positive mindset feeds from the roots

Capture your positive mindset!

Can a positive mindset make a difference in your life?

A staying positive mindset is the driving force of your life. The way you think determines where you are today and where you were yesterday. Take control of your mind and change your reality today, stay positive at every opportunity. Have you ever wondered why some people are happy despite what is going on around them? They choose their reality through a positive mindset. Pity parties manifest self pity, feeling low, low self esteem and a lot worse. A positive mindset does not hurt; when you smile you get a smile. What are you manifesting in your precious life today? Think about what you are thinking.

Start by setting small goals:

Have something to look forward to, if you set small goals that you focus your energy on every day you will have hope in these goals in order to achieve a positive mindset. This is so important because it makes your life full. The energy you put in positive goals makes you manifest your needs and live a life you desire. Follow that dream you always thought was out of reach. Change your thinking from being out of reach to in reach by positive mindset. Smell it, touch it, and keep expecting it in you daily meditation to keep it alive.

Try filling someone else’s needs:

It is always good to be on the look out for people who need a service, a favour or a simple aid. For example on a morning commute to work you find a mother struggling with a pram, you pass her without offering help. How does that make you feel? If you feel nothing then you need to do a lot of work on yourself because as you start manifesting your needs in abundance, it is only sustainable if you give a share to charity, church or any other worthy cause of your choice. Giving does not only refer to monetary terms, it can be time or a service. A positive mindset makes filling other people’s needs easier.

Be grateful for what you have got:

It really does not matter what is going on in your life now, just be grateful. When you try to manifest more without acknowledging how what you have has impacted your life in a positive mindset; you will not get any where. Be grateful for life, food, shelter, children and all that is around you. Not all of it will make you happy but take negative ones as challenges that will be solved by staying positive.

Think about who your friends are:

Most of us would have heard about the law of attraction, you will notice that your circle of friends has similar life conditions. If you are trying to move away by thinking positively, they will unconsciously pull you back because they have been conditioned in that way. They do not intend harm; it is a projection of their reality and dreams.  It is the same with angry, violent unpleasant people. That is their reality because they have lost control of the mind. A positive mindset will require a new circle of friends.

Deal with negative past events:

Have you ever noticed how emotions can feel so raw even after a long period of time! Now imagine the energy channelled in these emotions to make them feel so real, painful and sometimes causing the victim mental handicap. This then forms your reality, if someone you trusted abused you; you in turn decide never to trust and hence attracting the same sort of people because you are subconsciously thinking about it, giving it energy, fueling it. The result, vicious circles of abusive relationships over and over until you finally decide to master your mind by a positive mindset.

Start with a positive mindset notes that affirm that you are worthy of feeling confident, you are beautiful. The past is no longer in control; you are! Dress in a way that makes you feel emotionally positive. If you live around negative people, keep your thoughts to yourself or they will distract your thinking patterns hence back to negative. At the first a positive mindset will be hard work but it will worth it.

If you are constantly bombarded by negative thinking patterns then destroying them by a positive mindset is a good start. You will find that you are so weary of what other people think about you and hence luck of confidence. Find out more at

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