What is Insanity?

What is Insanity?

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Insanity of your choices

What your choices have to show of your insanity.

Path of Insanity

Many say insanity is doing the same thing/things and expecting different results. It just donned on me that I have actually been doing just that. I am a doer of the word but often easily derailed. Sounds familiar? Up until recently, I did not realise any thing wrong with what I was doing until I opened up to new ways of seeing and doing things. It is not easy as we are programmed to think the way society accepts. Dare to be different and you become an outsider. But do you care? If you have been caring enough to keep up with the status quo, you will find that it is a secret road to insanity. We are all different therefore destined to do things differently.

Insanity in Yoyos

Have you ever wondered why most of us are like yoyos? Because you do not know who we are. I used to make decisions from my head, rationalizing every detail to meet the norm. While my heart screamed quite the contrary. And every time I felt my heart say NO and my brain giving all sorts of reasons why it will eventually work out; I was destined for pain, luck of wisdom and manifestation of different negative emotions.  Most people call this intuition but it is always there to guide in love and the choice to listen is yours.

I have been taking different financial management courses and other personal development courses for years but always found myself in the same pickle. I am very hard working and I will try everything but I DO NOT LISTEN TO INTUITION! And that spelt disaster as I always find out in the middle of my choices that I actually did not want that, that I chose to do. For example I am a trained engineer who does not want to practice but spent 4 years training because at the time my brain said yes there is an opportunity, my heart said, even if you can do it, it does not mean that you will enjoy it. No I never listened and now I am writing to stop someone else going insane by doing the same old stubborn choices.

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