What is the Meaning of Death?

What is the Meaning of Death?

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Meaning of death is in the mind

The meaning of death is attached to your Mind.


How Your Mind Plays a Part in the Meaning of Death

Angels have been on this earth plane, dragons and fairies too but noting explains the meaning of death. Why?

Only when a death of a loved one hits, that is when the reality that it can happen to you becomes real. Up until that point, death happened to someone else, it was always alien.

It is very important to understand that death is a process like life.  Just as you live aspiring to be the best you, you have to look at death the same way. A wise man once said, “It is not how you live that matters but how you die.” Why, because what you die with on your mind becomes what you experience in your next life. Hence the meaning of death is, the extension bridge to your next life.

Gods of fear

How has the bridge to your next life been labelled bad, scary, full of trolls, clowns, danger etc. Is staff of imagination for those who rule through the power of death. Once you die in fear, you go to a place of fear to start your next life cycle. A cycle that is birth/expansion and death/contraction. You live out your existence in the body within this cycle as you experience downs/problems (contraction) and ups (birth/expansion). So, what you fear in death you have already experienced in living out life in the body. And hence the meaning of death attached to fear is to trap your spirit in a slave dungeon of fear gods that are afraid to grow and expand by leaving this earth realm.

To expand on these gods of fear, they are so attached to this realm that they use your mind and mentality to stay here. It is a battle of the minds/mines. Hence the term they mine your gold every time you believe their sermon of fear, which is to keep you trapped. When you die, it is the mind that carries the information of your next travel. If you don’t own your mind, you will gravitate towards what the gods of fear show you at the point of death. This way, you take the meaning of death to a conclusion of powerlessness.

Take your power back

Just like death is a process within which you travel to your next life/assignment. The power you give away in a way is a process of disintegration of your mind/mine. You allowed another to mine your precious gold while you watched by powerless. Any indoctrinated meaning of death you have gathered must now be changed for you to start benefiting from your gold. Change the way you look at life, stop being a spectator of life and start engaging in it. Make decisions that are purely for you without caring about what others think. This sounds selfish but it is the only way to take back your merkaba (mind). This is your spaceship, your spirit vehicle through which you travel both in life and death. Hence you can never really die – your spaceship/mind keeps on living. Your mind/spaceship is your golden fleece hence fought over by the media, priests, politicians etc.

Be careful who you trust with your power of belief

By understanding that the meaning of death is in the process of how you live, you take your power of belief back. Now that you know that no one really dies, it is the mind that disembodies and lives on depending on what and how you thought. It is your power of belief that is to be protected. Be careful who, what or where you believe in. This is where you will go when you die. If you believe in a punishing God of wrath, that is where your mind goes at the point of death and hence wrath will be your experience. I know indoctrination is real and the merkabas/minds have been stolen not only in churches but also in schools.

Just remember to put your God in a joyful place or else your experience before and after death gets determined for you in wrath, starvation, rape, lawlessness……This is what it means to give your power of belief away, which is attached to your mind and therefore how you die gets determined by whoever owns the intellectual property of your mind.

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