Who Are The Spiritual Watchers?

Who Are The Spiritual Watchers?

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Spiritual watchers are like binoculars ready in all weathers.

How to watch your seasons, months and days


You have heard of the Watch Tower in some religious contexts. The concept comes from the Biblical Tower of Babel and the book of Enoch. In the religious understanding, the watchers keep timelines and events relative to the Biblical calendar. They manage time and mark important events. In this way, they are spiritual watchers from a religious point of view.

The events they keep and watch could stem from seasons and their relationships to the religious calendar. For example, Christmas is in the season of death in Winter, Easter in the season of birth (spring), summer is the season of transformation due to intense heat hence holidays (holly-days) and finally the fall where the celebration of Halloween celebrates the dead. These religious calendar seasons will be marked and dated by the spiritual watchers in order to keep their rhythm going smoothly.

How do they watch the events?

Astrology is one of the main sciences used by religious spiritual watchers. The reason why dates change on Easter days, summer solstice… is because they are following certain stars, in certain alignments to mark specific dates relative to the positional astrological alignments of the star. This is done on a macro level, using satellites in the sky to track the moon and the sun relative to other stars. And at a micro level, you use a watch to watch the time, day and place relative to the position of the sun in the sky. On close inspection, you are following the sun as the ruler of time. Why? Each day is sectioned into morning, afternoon, evening and night. These are all done in relationship to the position of the sun. Therefore, you as spiritual watchers are used to watch just one star –the sun.

Moreover, the moon astrologically moves every two and half hours and changes signs every three to two days. It is harder to track the moon yet the moon is who you are. The moon rules the tides; which is your emotions and feelings. Spiritual watchers must learn to watch the moon first (your emotions) before the sun (your thoughts). The moon is the feminine womb space of emotions therefore birth and the sun is the masculine space of thoughts therefore direction. You should first give birth to the child, then give them a sense of directions. Otherwise the spiritual watchers have been watching backwards. Sometimes there has been circumstances of living/watching forwards. For example, the news appeals to your emotions (moon) first then direct that sun into i.e. immunisations.

Can individual people be watchers?

I wrote a book called “Meditations of a Watcher” where different scientific laws were analysed to come to the conclusion of who and how to be a watcher. Since spirituality is individuality, watching or as I like to call it observing oneself is the fastest way to grow. The spiritual watchers referred to in the mass in the bible are watchers of religious concepts for the ruling class. But what you don’t realise is that you have been a spiritual watcher for the ruling class as you have been watching your watch clocking in and out of jobs. You have been ruled by “Father Time”- Cronos. Cronos is planet Saturn who is the father of the sun that is followed on the religious Gregorian calendar.

Now if you further explore that “Time” is your soul force. It means you are trapped in serving the same planet Saturn that is used as a holding cup for souls since it rules “Time”. And if your soul is your individuality (your solo self), then this explains why there is a lack of creativity on this planet. Because creativity is individuality, your soul has to be free in order to create. Hence the planet is dying due to the beings in the ruling class holding out in Saturn. The only way to resolve the problem is to become part of the “Spiritual watchers” team. Take your watch tower and manage your seasons, months and days.

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