Why Creativity is Rebellion

Why Creativity is Rebellion

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Creativity is rebellion

Paint your own rebellion.


Creativity is rebellion

Cast away among us is a loose cannon

Waiting, waiting to be expressed

Why not reveal your colour pallet, I ask?


They are gate keepers waiting for my brush

Hoarding, hoarding my ability to explore

Lurking in the waters of lack


But the mother comes in with a gourd

Waiting on those drank with folly

For the very act of insolence


How on earth do you own what thy not create?

Living backwards in the gallows of hell

Eating out of the creativity of her children


Stagnant is the mind of a man in the know

For knowledge is a dangerous ledge of woe

Steep enough for the fall down low


Now the net that was cast out fishes not

For the children know their rights to creativity

Bringing in a new sun of individual rebellion

In search for a paint brush

You have read this far in search of your own paint brush. The only way we can all get out of this current mess is to claim the paint that is rightfully ours. Cease the fear of ages, for it is outdated. Though indoctrination has removed any individuality that you once claimed in your infancy, it isn’t too late.

Instead of wasting away on the streets in the riots’ chariot, waste away in the basket of your creative muse. For the very act of rebellion by riots is organised and lacks individuality. Individuality is how you explore you, the essence that is only unique to you. Cease the mob and join the loner within. Kindle the fire of creativity in the very rebellion of your soul.

Only follow the footsteps of those that have dared to be individuals, that is why history is about them. They weren’t popular to start with as they had to go against the grain of the status quo. In individuality, you learn to dance to your own tune even no one else is dancing.

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