Why Earth Has to Gain a New Pattern and Routine

Why Earth Has to Gain a New Pattern and Routine

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A repetitive pattern and routine drowns, it never liberates

How a repetitive Earth cycle has bound you in your lower natures

Imagine being bound to a 1000 year Earth cycle of the same routine?  If you have been stuck in the same pattern and routine in your life (root/root chakra), you are not alone. This earth realm had been cut off for this reason. Until 2012 everyone was stuck, but a few who knew how to hold a high vibration. And these few had to pay a daily price in the lower game of harassment.

That said, with the majority in the root chakra; only worrying about bills, food, sex, jobs, money etc. A pattern has been drawn out of this realm. This pattern looks like a circle going around and around like a merry go round without stopping. It is this repetitive circle/cycle that is the chaotic dirty waters earth had become.

Think about it, you are attached to a certain job, house or wife. You’re not thinking that you are gravitating towards what is already familiar (south node energy which is what is comfortable from your past life). This creates a pattern and a routine where the cycle continues to the same job or house. Sometimes to the point that your geographical location may be the same as you grew up in. In this scenario, you are avoiding your north node energy (new experiences in this life time). It is this avoidance that has caused this realm earth to stay in the same cycle. No one wants to leave their comfort zone.

How the ruling class use the repetitive cycle

The cycle was so dense that the leaders have constructed temples and other buildings aligned to certain stars at certain points of the year for the masses to continue the same experiences. In this they have created a pattern and routine in March/April and called it Easter. Or in December where the sun dies in the northern hemisphere and rises in the southern a pattern called Christmas was created. There’s no telling what you would have liked to do with these energies if you were left to your own devices.

Just like a hula hoop goes around having created a pattern and routine around the waist, it eventually falls off when the supporting energy wanes. The same thing has been happening to earth since 2012. Slowly the south node energy of job security, living conditions etc.  you have been accustomed to, has been reduced. The new way of working is more individualised than usual. Because individuality is the way your spirit becomes aware of itself. While in the busy market place you can be in the crowd and not of the crowd. The space and opportunity that has been provided in these times is to take you into your north node energy.

Though it looks negative, you can still use this time to be more meditative and get closer to yourself in your north energy. The theatres that are closed, cinemas, public houses etc. are all south node energies that you are comfortable with but now have to access in moderation in order to expand your north node in discomfort. Hence assist lead earth to expansion/growth and leave the dirty repetitive cycle in the root chakra exercised as a pattern and routine behind.

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