What if your Ego was Your Friend

What if your Ego was Your Friend

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Facing your Ego

Facing your Ego is increasing intelligence


“What you resist persists”-

How working through your Ego steps you into higher realms of intelligence.


Stumbling upon your path to a better human being, the Ego stands guard at the gate. As the gate-keeper, it is there to stop you from advancing into higher realms of reality you are not ready to fathom.

But just like a parent who keeps saying `No’ to you in order to keep you safe, the Ego does the same. Well-meaning as a parent yet like a boar constrictor, squeezing every little breath out of you. When you get to a teenage rebellion stage, you finally learn to say `No’ back to your well-meaning parents in order to grow your own wings. So `No’ was a useful device for your expansion into a resistance of Your Ego consciousness. How?


Your Ego is the opposing force you need to grow

The Ego has been written about in a very negative connotation but you forget that opposites attract. It cannot be negative without being positive. When you struggle in life in any shape or form, you build up resistance based on your conditioning. Your conditioning is based on the value system you were brought up with. It is then not surprising that everyone will have a unique way of dealing with the same situation.

You know how fire is created from the resistance (friction) of two stones being rubbed together. Eventually, the rubbing creates a spark which ignites to form fire. Your Ego has the same purpose, through experiencing challenges, you start building up resistance. Depending on how you deal with this resistance, you either grow and transcend your challenges or stagnant and cause yourself dis-ease.

Use it as a Device

Just like all devices, the Ego can be used as a tool of higher transformation; in fact, that is what it is for. To move yourself from the limitations of 3D constructs to higher dimensions, you have to face resistance. Your growth depends on how you deal with this resistance. Face your challenges and increase your intelligence or become dormant and stew in the juices of ignorance. Given that choice is our birth right, we cannot blame anyone for unrealised potential.

Why you run from this choice

This is often termed as the, `the Dark night of the Soul’ where you have to wrestle with your `demons’ of the Ego to step into higher realms of intelligence. Because this is an individual battle, many choose to not even adventure from the soft cushions of their sofas until something tragic knocks on their door.

While your environment encourages a trance like state in many ways such as consumerism, indulgent self-absorption or narcissist ideas of how one should live. You absorb all this as a collective in your unique way, which means that your healing through the Ego resistance will also be unique to you.


So instead of running away, I encourage you to start being observant about what you resist. Watch what you push away because this is your Ego showing you where you resist life. If you keep ignoring your resistance, it just becomes bigger and bigger.

For example, if you are a Christian who has been brought up to resist certain ideas about birth control. You will start to notice `weird’ ways in which you feel when someone talks about abortion, or news about birth control……. Watch carefully how you feel and slowly get to the bottom of what your Ego is flashing at you. Because if you don’t, this may manifest itself in your body eventually in order for you to pay attention. Remember, Resistance is Attraction!


To Your Journey into Self Exploration!

Happy Seeking!


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