Why The Law of Attraction does not work for the Masses

Why The Law of Attraction does not work for the Masses

Law of attraction

Why the law of attraction works.

Since the movie the secret was released, there was a general education about the law of attraction to the general public. A friend referred me to the movie saying it is the best thing I would have ever watched! Was it? Well after I watched the movie, I really got pumped up; I put my first vision board in motion and positive thinking along with it. Then I took this further by buying the mind movie kit; and true to form, I watched the movie every day for 3 months. The law of attraction was not working for me; my vibrations were not in tune. Why?

Law of attraction and vibrations

The law of attraction works according to your negative or positive vibrations. At this point you might think, I was exercising positive thinking even writing about its benefits. Why didn’t it work? The reason being that positive thinking is from a conscious mind which only controls 10%-20% of your daily manifestations.

To make any long term positive changes, you need to go to the boss; the subconscious mind that controls the rest of our daily manifestation. Oh… Yeah, if you find yourself on automatic; it’s not your fault! If you have used the law of attraction for many years following all the advise in the secret and still no results; start digging the garbage out of your subconscious mind!

The law of attraction is also hindered by sponsoring thoughts (thought behind the thought). Remember you are powerful beings with a creative machine that is your mind. If you are thinking of earning 10.000 a month and the thought behind says you only can manage 1000 then your true manifestation becomes 1000 rather than the desired 10.000.

Sponsoring thoughts are very powerful and often show what people really are. Always find out the thought behind the thought and the intentions of that thought. For example if you want to divorce for the sake of getting money through the courts then the intention must be examined. However if you are doing it for the sake of your freedom, liberty and love; despite who it may hurt- your intention is pure because the best love there is, is self love. The law of attraction will reward you always in alignment with your thoughts, intentions and love for self.

If you have been trying with the law of attraction for some time and it has not worked very well for you, come and join me on an experimental journey. I try most of the products on the market and see which ones work if at all and from that, advise you. I have had some dramatic changes in my life from products like the release technique but I realise everyone out there needs to find their own truth in what works in the Law of attraction and what does not.

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