Why you should Follow Your Dream

Why you should Follow Your Dream

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Follow your dream

How you know if you are taking part in your dream


Your dream should be something you are passionate about. And with this passion comes the trust and perseverance you need to chase it. Because it is a dream, it should be something you do regardless of anyone else showing interest.

When you are working on your dreams regardless of anyone else taking interest, you are building esoteric substances – you do it for yourself. After all, it is your dream and only when you are intensely charged in it do others take interest. But how do you know that it is your dream you are working with?

Other people think you are crazy

That is one sign you are working on the dream when you are so unique they think you are crazy. Remember, it is about balance it can also be an illusion if people think you are crazy. The best way to know is if it is something you do regardless of praise. Either way you are happy if people know about it or not. You simply are the dream you are partaking in, to the extent people see you and think of that dream – it’s who you are.

It’s from the internal realm

Your dream should be from within not without. Knowing that the rules of manifestation come in three, mind (thoughts), emotions and feelings (heart) and body (physical/action). It is important for the dream to be part of what you think about, feel strongly about and act upon not only in your leisure time but also in your work time. Coming from the internal means there is no way it will be perceived as an illusion. Also coming from the internal means, you will dedicate time to water the seed (your dream) with your emotions and feelings to make it grow.


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