Why your Magic Wand isn’t Working for you

Why your Magic Wand isn’t Working for you

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Your Magic wand is your mind.

How to Create your Magic Wand


Magic is an over-used word in this day and age, which has been related to children and hence all the fun goes to them. This is why Walt Disney can explore fully in children’s films; to create magic. But in order to create magic you need a magic wand, one that is reminiscent of true magicians.

What is your magic wand?

It is your mind through which you create your reality. But this wand hasn’t been working for reasons best described using the art and scientific model. I wrote an article describing the body (emotion) is a five-pointed star and add thought (frequency); it becomes a six-pointed star – the star of David. One that was depicted by Leonardo da Vinci in the Vitruvian man. Now if you draw around the Vitruvian man is a six -sided figure called a hexagon, your aura. Which means it is the same as a five-pointed star turned six via thought – the magic wand.

To scramble this concept further the body’s skeletal structure is likened to a quartz crystal. And a quartz crystal is a six-sided figure hence a hexagon. This suggests that thoughts are related to the bone structure that either traps light or retains it depending on the quality of the body. Hence your bones will trap the light that will create a negative or positive aura around you, which will impede on your magic. But you also know that coffins are in a hexagon shape. What is that all about?

Why are coffins in a hexagon shape?

Previously, we discovered that the aura of the body is in the hexagon based on thoughts (your magic wand, the mind) hitting the body (five pointed star). We also know that this is the Vitruvian man by Leonardo da Vinci, also known as the star of David. For coffins to be shaped in the hexagon is to reflect the aura of the body. Meaning that the mind that creates thought at a hexagon level was dead. Simply put, we have been living in a dead star. Which explains why your magic wand (mind) hasn’t been working for you. It has been working for someone else that trapped the light of your crystal into death.

Put another way, the ruling class knew how to use light trapped in the quartz crystal (the skeletal body). Then they projected that light out into global magic wands such as satellites in Televisions, radios etc. It is now that the cycle is due a change that your magic wand may be granted back to you. The dead being we have been living in has to die and move on the higher realms (expansion).

So, to create your magic wand, change your thought patterns and take care of your bones. Thoughts are things that create your reality, they are the magic wand. I recommend using meditation of any kind but especially observing/witnessing meditation, I have written about it here.


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